HVA Technology

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Introduction to HVA Technology 

HVA technology refers to the PSVA (Polymer Stabilized Vertical Alignment) technology independently developed by TCL CSOT, "H" is taken from the initials of CSOT (Huaxing in Chinese pinyin). PSVA refers to that by adding a small amount of polymer monomers (Monomer) to the liquid crystal molecule, resulting in the liquid crystal polarization dumping under the action of voltage, the pre-tilt angle is formed on the surface of the aligned PI (Polyimide) layer, and the reaction of the polymer monomers induced by irradiation of UV (ultraviolet) light will form a polymer deposited on the PI surface, which fixes the pre-tilt angle of the liquid crystal on the PI surface, and the alignment of liquid crystal molecules is achieved. 

Compared with the traditional VA technology, TCL CSOT HVA technology achieves a complete improvement in display infrastructure (Protrusion is not required compared with MVA, Slit is not required for its CF side compared with PVA) and display performance (higher brightness, higher contrast, faster response) through a new micro-structure design and manufacturing process, and strives to make gaming competitors, DIY enthusiasts, and professional consumers such as clippers can experience boundless immersion and become more focused and integrated. 



Background of Launching HVA Technology 

Since the reform and opening up, China has been one of the largest color TV production bases in the world, but "lack of chips and screens" has been the weak links of China's color TV industry. After the transformation of color TV from CRT to LCD, domestic color TV enterprises need to spend a large amount of foreign exchange to import LCD panels every year. Not only is this expensive, but supply is unstable and price fluctuations are high. 

In 2008, TCL CSOT seized the opportunity of global display panel industry integration brought about by the global financial crisis, and independently innovated to build the highest generation LCD panel production line with the strong support of Chinese governments at all levels, and took the road of independent technology. TCL CSOT has synthetically evaluated the display effect, process, drive and other indicators in the test, choosing HVA technology as its main direction. HVA technology is the PSVAA technology independently developed by TCL CSOT. H is taken from the initials of "CSOT" (Huaxing in Chinese pinyin). Products using its HVA technology are widely recognized by the industry for its high efficiency, low cost, high transparency and other features. It breaks the monopoly of foreign panel manufacturers on the key core technologies of China's LCD panel industry. 

In August 2011, the TCL CSOT 8.5 generation line was put into production, which made the yield exceed 90% in just over three months. After one and a half years to build factories, while conducting technological research and development, TCL CSOT tried out its own HVA technology and applied for patents, becoming an enterprise with independent technology. 


Features of HVA Technology 

1. High refresh 

With the design, process, material and drive of HVA technology, LCD can rotate faster to achieve picture transformation. Better circuit design drives more efficiently, enabling high refresh rate specifications up to 360Hz or even 480Hz. 

The refresh rate is the number of screen refreshes per second in Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the more stable the image, the more natural and clear the image, and the smaller the impact on the eyes. The lower the refresh frequency, the more flickering and shaking the image and the faster your eyes to get tired. At present, more display refresh rates are 120Hz, 144Hz. Driven by HVA technology, 360Hz or 480Hz refresh specifications will naturally bring better experience. 

2. Fast response 

The products using HVA technology have faster response speed because LCD dumps rapidly along the inclination direction under the action of electric field. At present, OD 1ms (response speed) can be achieved, reaching the highest level in the industry. 

The response time of LCD in image field is the speed at which each pixel of LCD reacts to the input signal, that is, the time needed for the pixels to turn from dark to bright or from bright to dark. The shorter the response time of LCD, the clearer the dynamic picture display will be. If the response time is too long, the picture is prone to having shadows, trailing and other phenomena. 

3. High curvature 

HVA technology can solve the mura problem (uneven dark clumps) caused by the surface and improve the optical taste so as to achieve the design of high curvature products, increase the visual angle, and provide consumers with a broader vision and a stronger immersion experience. TCL CSOT can now achieve the preparation of curvature of 800 mm at a minimum; 

The curvature of the display is the radius of the circle to which the arc belongs. For example, a display with a curvature of 1800 R indicates the degree of bending of an arc on a circle with a radius of 1800 mm. Generally speaking, the smaller the curvature value, the greater the curvature of the surface. At present, TCL CSOT can achieve the preparation of the curvature of 800 mm at a minimum. With the same display size, a curved display has a wider viewing angle than a normal display. It is more in line with the human eye structure: it can ensure equal eye-to-screen distance as far as possible, provide users with a better immersive experience, similar to the cinema effect. It has better stereoscopic effect: due to the surface and depth optimization, the picture can be more stereoscopic. 

4. High contrast 

The VA display has the highest contrast among all LCDs. Compared with the traditional VA technology, HVA technology has greatly improved the light leakage in dark state, making the dark state darker, making the corresponding products have an absolute advantage in contrast. The intuitive feeling of high contrast is that the black looks purer and the picture level is stronger. Compared with IPS technology, the contrast of HVA technology can be 3 times higher or more. 

Contrast is the ratio of brightness at the brightest (white) point to that at the darkest (black) point on the screen. High contrast means a relatively high brightness and a brighter degree of color rendering. The larger the contrast, the clearer the image and the brighter the color. Small contrast can make the whole picture gray. High contrast is very helpful for the sharpness, detail and gray level of the image. Compared with IPS technology, the contrast of HVA technology can be 3 times higher or more. 

5. Low blue light for better eye protection 

With the development of Color Filter (CF) and the design of backlight scheme by HVA technology, TCL CSOT products can achieve low blue light for eye protection with high color gamut and obtain the solution of coexistence of health and effect. 

Blue light is a blue light with wavelength between 380 and 500 nanometers that belongs to high-energy visible light (HEV), and the spectral band with the strongest energy in visible light. Because of its short wavelength, the blue light penetrates directly through the lens of the human eye and is projected onto the retina. Long exposure can cause visual impairment. Short-wave blue light with a wavelength of 400-455 nanometers increases the amount of toxins in the macular area of the human eye, which is the root cause of eye health threats. With the development of Color Filter (CF) and the design of backlight scheme by HVA technology, TCL CSOT products can achieve low blue light for eye protection with a high color gamut, process short-wave blue light with a wavelength of 400-455 nanometers, and achieve a solution of coexistence of health and effect. 

6. Low energy consumption and more environmental  

Compared with traditional MVA technology, HVA technology does not require Protrusion, which simplifies the manufacturing process, improves the aperture rate while reducing costs, displays higher brightness, and presents a more stereoscopic and sharper picture quality. The transparency of HVA technology can be increased by about 15%~20%. To achieve the same picture quality effect, the higher the transparency, the lower the brightness of the backlight required and the lower the power consumption. HVA technology improves the product transparency, but also achieves the goal of less energy consumption, saving energy and environmental protection; 

Products carried with HVA Technology 

1. MNT product line 

As early as 2018, TCL CSOT has been investing in the development of MLED display technology. By reducing the backlight beads to increase the backlight density, and then using local dimming to control the switch and brightness of the backlight area more finely, the gray problem of ordinary LCD screen under dark background can be solved to make the screen quality clearer and more detailed. On the basis of the MLED display, TCL CSOT also carries the exclusively developed HVA technology. 

Compared with the traditional VA technology, TCL CSOT’s HVA technology achieves a complete improvement in infrastructure simplification and display performance (higher brightness, contrast and response speed) through a new micro-structure design and manufacturing process. HVA technology can achieve million-level super high contrast in TCL CSOT gaming screen, displaying more detailed game pictures; high refresh rate makes the dynamic display on the screen smoother, and each frame of enemy's movement can be accurately grasped; hypersurface display gives users an immersive experience, better meets the requirements of gaming players for high-end gaming display. 

(1)  49" World's Highest 5000+ Backlight Partition 5K R800 MLED gaming Display Module 

This product is the world's first 49-inch R800 curved gaming display, carries TCL CSOT HVA screen and has technical combination with the highest specifications in MNT industry, which combines three technical specifications of the highest standard in the industry so far: R800 ultra-bending ratio, 32:9 ultra-wide ratio, 5000+ ultra-high partition, and also meets the top parameters of 240Hz high refresh, HDR1400, Free Sync, 3-Side Bezel Less, 5K high resolution. It is believed that this kind of wholehearted blockbuster product will surely bring a fast, vivid and immersive high-end gaming experience. 

As one of representative products of TCL CSOT Mini LED technology, this curved gaming display product has more than 5,000 backlight zones, nearly 50,000 LED beads, the spacing between the beads is only 2 to 3 mm, and the OD 0 design with large viewing angle and no shadows can achieve infinite close to 0nit in the dark, the peak brightness can reach 1800nit, the dynamic contrast rate can exceed 10000:1, the bright and dark contrast rate is clear and strong, the black-white boundary is clearly defined. 

This product uses the world's most extreme R800 curvature exclusively developed by TCL CSOT, which is selected from a number of equation curve schemes to minimize the common light leakage impact of surface products and give users an immersive surround visual experience, while meeting the R800 requirement. In addition, the product's 3-Side Bezel Less, ultra-thin design of 12.5mm, maximizes the field of vision, while giving the overall product a fashionable, slim, high-end appearance. Unlike the traditional 16:9 display, this product has a 32:9 super large length-width ratio and can be displayed separately. It is suitable for gaming, finance, office and other scenarios. 

In addition, the product supports FreeSync Premium Pro frequency conversion technology, with free adjustment of refresh rate between 48 and 240Hz, to achieve smooth game experience and energy saving goal; ultra-high screen refresh rate of 240Hz with the most advanced Freesync technology ensures that the picture will not have jam, trailing, even in large games; combined with 5K high resolution, the game picture will always be sharp and smooth. 

(2) 32" 4K 240Hz R800 1ms Quick Response Gaming Display 

This is the LCD display panel with the highest specifications in the industry. Compared with the mainstream 32" products on the market, its resolution is up to 4K, eliminating the granularity caused by pixels, and the picture is extremely high-definition and delicate. 

The product has a refresh rate of up to 240Hz and a feature of variable refresh rate; combined with TCL CSOT's picture quality compensation algorithm, it allows gamers to enjoy the smoothest picture experience while playing large games when com. 

At the same time, the response time of the product is as low as 1ms, which breaks through the limitation of response time of traditional VA screen, effectively eliminates the problem of dynamic blurring and obvious trailing effect of the picture. With high-level graphics cards, the user's operation on peripherals such as keyboard, mouse and handle can be fed back to the screen almost without delay to enhance the user's game experience. 

(3) 34" WQHD 165Hz R1500 MLED Gaming Display Module 

This is the world's first 34" R1500 curved gaming Mini LED display, which carries TCL CSOT high performance HVA screen products, combines the advantages of high partition, high resolution, high refresh, 3-Side Bezel Less, and is a high-end gaming display that frees people from the fetters and rides the arena. 

2. TV panel product line 

TCL CSOT’s TV panel market share has been in an industrial leading position. Up to now, TCL CSOT TV panel market share is the second largest in the world. In addition, TCL CSOT has achieved technological leadership in the field of TV panel. Supported by HVA technology, the display integrates features of high resolution rate, high contrast and high refresh. With the development of Color Filter (CF) and the design of backlight scheme by HVA technology, TCL CSOT products can achieve low blue light for eye protection with high color gamut, achieve a solution of coexistence of health and effect, and support the ultra-large Bezel Less design. With extremely simple and open visual effect, it truly realizes unlimited movie watching. 

(1) World's First 98" 4K 240Hz 1G1D Display 

98-inch 4K 240Hz 1G1D display is the world's first LCD display with the ultra-large 98-inch 1G1D architecture. The minimalist architecture leads to improvement of the transparency and beats the competitor's products of similar size by about 30% (5.2%6%), and improves the overall brightness by 30%. Combined with the HVA technology, it achieves ultra-high contrast to truly restore the dynamic details of video and games, which can be compared with cinema blockbusters and game experiences. 

The world's first 98-inch 4K 240Hz 1G1D display achieves a super-high refresh rate of 240Hz, a high fluency without jamming, and a super smooth gaming experience with dynamic clarity and low latency. The screen-to-body ratio is as high as 98%, fully covers the view of audiences, reduces the bezel feeling brought by the bezel, and blends into the immersion feeling of home cinema type. This product is equipped with sAGLR polarizer, which is anti-glare and has low reflection, reduces the impact of ambient light during the movie watching, and is more comfortable and eye-friendly visually. 

(2) World's First 98" 8K 120Hz GOA Display 

TCL CSOT develops a 98-inch 8K 120Hz ultra-high resolution giant screen home theater, which is the world's first ultra-large 8K GOA architecture display. This screen integrates features of high resolution rate, high contrast, high refresh, and supports Bezel Less design to truly achieve boundless viewing. 

8K ultra-high resolution picture quality provides real details; 33 million pixels bring vivid and detailed expression; the contrast up to 5000:1 leads the industry in similar products; true 120Hz refresh rate, with VRR 48~120Hz variable refresh rate supported, precisely restores each frame of dynamic details, and the picture has no jam, giving the audience full and smooth visual impact; it supports Bezel Less design, with a screen-to-body ratio up to 98%, providing an unparalleled home theater immersion experience; this panel uses AG25% polarizer to reduce ambient glare interference, offers eye protection and clearer viewing. 

3. Commercial Display Product Line 

TCL CSOT HVA technology is applied to commercial display electronic whiteboard and other products. It also plays an important role in transportation, retail, business, medical and financial fields, providing users with a clearer and more authentic visual experience, and it has great advantages in performance, lifetime, etc. to better meet the needs of various industries and consumers. 

(1) The world's first 21.5" HVA In-cell Touch

The 21.5-inch touch screen launched by TCL CSOT is the world's first HVA in-cell Touch product. The product's capacitive sensors are all integrated into the TFT backplane, eliminating the need for additional touch modules, resulting in a lighter body and a better touch experience. This technology can achieve high precision VA touch screen through ingenious back panel design, filling the gap in the market without VA in-cell touch screen. Moreover, this technology has no need of introducing new process, thus having enormous cost advantages. In addition, the design is suitable for all sizes of VA LCD. With the increasing demand for touch control, VA in-cell touch LCD of all sizes can be implemented in the future according to market and user requirements.