TCL CSOT Accelerating Layout of On-board Display, Large-size Products Continuing to Power High-end Markets

Release time:Oct,12,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

With the continuous technological innovation, TCL CSOT has been flourishing since it entered the vehicle display market in 2019. 



Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX, carrying the world's first on-board display across the entire A-cylinder surface, stimulates the exploration of new user experiences. This oversize display is developed by Mercedes-Benz R&D team, R&D Center of Continental Automotive Group and TCL CSOT, bringing the latest display technology of consumer electronics products to the automotive industry. 


This 47.5-inch fully seamless, ultra-thin, all-in-one, highly integrated dashboard, multimedia navigation, center control, and co-driver entertainment display features a curved screen with incell touch sensing, complementing a 3D real-time navigation system for a more exciting driving experience. 


In addition, this screen has the highest 8K resolution in the car industry, using the Mini LED technology pursued by brands like Apple, and consists of more than 3000 local dimming areas. Supported by smart light-sensitive chips, when no information is needed to display, the screen dims part of the area, thereby saving energy. Together with more energy-efficient MINI LED backlighting technology, it also dispels the anxiety of many consumers about "Does the large screen consume more power? Will it reduce driving mileage?" It can be regarded as a screen designed for the car. 


Excellent team has achieved unparalleled innovations! In the future, TCL CSOT will insist on product technology innovation as the core driver, support the full-scene application, and build a more diverse, mature and intelligent display industry ecology.