CCTV's "The Growing of the Great Brand" Reveals How TCL CSOT Develops from "Following" to "Leading"

Release time:Jul,11,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

TCL CSOT, one of the leading semi-conductor display companies in the “Electronics & Appliances 50 2022” released recently, witnessed the surge of its brand value by 81%, when competing with international consumer brands in North America and Western Europe in order to reach the top. 

TCL CSOT’s ranking proves the comprehensive strength of its brand, and also indicates that today's TCL CSOT has transformed from a follower to a leader in the industry, opening a new journey towards a global intelligent technology enterprise. 

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Technical Climbing and Breakthrough 

Intelligent manufacturing and innovation-driving are important engines for TCL CSOT development. 

Over the years, TCL CSOT has always taken self-innovation as the lifeline of enterprise development, seized the technological commanding height in the display field, positively laid out new semi-conductor display technology, process and materials, and enhanced the overall competitiveness of China in the strategic new display industry. 

As Li Dongsheng, the founder and chairman of TCL, said,"TCL CSOT, as an example of high-quality development in the industry, rises abruptly based on our accumulated strength, has fruitful innovative patents and attracts worldwide attention in smart manufacturing, marking our overall rise in the field of semi-conductor display." 

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In terms of technical layout, TCL CSOT focuses on the development and commercial application of new display technologies such as LCD, printing OLED/QLED, Mini-LED and Micro-LED, and is committed to creating more diverse display technologies, enabling new interactive scenes. In addition to traditional mobile phones and TVs, its products further cover high-end display applications such as touch modules, electronic whiteboards, on-board display and gaming display to build its core competitiveness in the global panel industry. 

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The accumulation of technology and leading layout are also gradually projected on the innovation achievements of TCL CSOT. As of the first quarter of 2002, TCL CSOT has accumulated 55007 global patent applications and 18819 global patent authorizations, of which more than 95% are invention patents. Independent patents have been widely used in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions. Behind this, Chinese enterprises represented by TCL CSOT are rising and leading in screen display technology. 


At present, the global semi-conductor display industry is facing a new round of development opportunities. As one of the global semi-conductor display leaders, TCL CSOT also knows that the display industry cannot be done well by a single enterprise in one link. It is important for the upstream and the downstream to interact with each other and be open to cooperation and to form a synergistic effect. 

At present, TCL CSOT carries out industry-university-research cooperation with well-known universities, scientific research institutes and industrial organizations, establishes joint laboratories, publishes new industry standards, and takes the lead in setting up two national innovation centers, "National Innovation Center for Printing and Flexible Display" and "National Innovation Center for New Display Technology", aiming to break through the problems of a batch of key materials and equipment in the display field in a short time. 


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Innovation Taking the Lead for an Intelligent Future

The core of promoting the transformation from Made in China to Created in China is "Intelligence + Manufacturing". The first is to have intelligent innovation, the second is to not leave the root of manufacturing. Adhering to technology first, building a global R&D system, sustaining strategic investment in the frontier areas of science and technology, and setting up a benchmark for enterprise independent innovation are the beliefs TCL always upholds. 

In terms of new generation of display technology, TCL CSOT continuously improves, maintains the leading edge of new technology, speeds up the technology commercial transformation, and helps to provide more scene-based display solutions. 

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According to its financial report, in the first quarter of 2022, the market share of TCL CSOT TV panel ranked the second in the world, which of the 55-inch products ranked the first in the world, and that of 8K, 120Hz high-end TV panel ranked the first in the world. Commercial display had the world's largest product shipments, among which,  the market share of digital signage ranked the first in the world; gaming monitors maintained the first place in the world, LTPS tablet ranked the first in the world, which brings better experience of cutting-edge technology to users around the world. 


TCL CSOT, for example, has partnered with global consumer electronics giants such as Samsung, MIUI and Lenovo and cooperated in depth with Sony on high-end TVs, making it the largest strategic supplier of Sony's high-end TV panels. 

As one of the three core industries of TCL, TCL CSOT starts from scratch, helps China break through the dilemma of "lack of chips and screens", marks a new era in TCL's scientific and technological innovation, and is an epitome of the rapid development of China's semi-conductor display industry in the past decade. 

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"Do the right thing, even if it is difficult", just as TCL elaborates the value of "excellence" in upgrading corporate culture, TCL CSOT, after several years of persistence, is gradually eliminating the technological gap with foreign leading enterprises and becoming a leader in display technological change. 


Innovation takes the lead for an intelligent future. As an example of high quality development in the industry, TCL CSOT sets the benchmark for China's display industry with leading quality advantages and top innovative technology. We believe that TCL CSOT will produce more achievements in the future competition in the global electronics industry, show more confidence to the world on behalf of Chinese science and technology, and push "Intelligent Manufacturing in China" to a new peak.