TCL CSOT Appeared in the 2023CES Main Exhibition Hall, Leading the New Direction of Screen Display Technology

Release time:Jan,06,2023 Source:TCL CSOT

On January 5, the International Consumer Electronics Show (hereinafter referred to as CES), the highlight of the beginning of the year in the field of science and technology, was grandly opened in Las Vegas, the United States. As the world's leading semiconductor display enterprise, TCL CSOT made its debut in the main exhibition hall with more than 20 blockbuster products. It has brought a full range of cutting-edge new products and innovative technologies that lead the industry, and has attracted extensive attention from industry insiders. 

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Thanks to its long-term adherence to independent research and development and technological innovation, TCL CSOT has made major technological breakthroughs in the field of semiconductor display in recent years. Among them, new display technologies such as HVA, MLED, and printed OLED are more brilliant at this CES exhibition. Among over 20 new products exhibited by TCL CSOT this time, these top screen display technologies have been basically applied, and many life application scenarios have been enabled.


Self-developed HVA technology

Comprehensively deepening the competitiveness of display in the market

Compared with the traditional VA technology, the HVA technology independently developed by TCL CSOT simplifies the manufacturing process and can provide higher brightness and contrast. The screen produced based on HVA technology can more realistically restore the dynamic details of the video and provide a cinematic experience.

At this CES exhibition, TCL CSOT released the world's first 98" 4K 240Hz 1G1D display screen, the world's highest partition 49" R800 5000+Zones MLED display module and 34" WQHD 165Hz R1500 OD0 Mini LED curved gaming display, all of which are equipped with screens produced by HVA technology, with advantages of low energy consumption, fast response, high curvature, high refresh rate and low blue light for eye protection.

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MLED Is Highly Favored

TCL CSOT Has a Profound Technical Layout 

MLED is currently a very popular display technology in the industry. At present, TCL CSOT MLED technology is mainly targeted at the application fields of ultra-small size display, monitor, laptop, on-board display and ultra-large size display. For products in this mainstream size range, the layout of TCL CSOT MLED technology is mainly in backlight, which can be reflected in the two star products in this exhibition.

The first one is the world's highest partition 49" R800 5000+ Zones MLED display module. This product has more than 5000 backlight partitions, nearly 50,000 LED beads, and the distance between the beads is only 2 to 3mm. In addition, the OD 0 design with a large viewing angle and no light shadow can realize the infinite approach of 0nit in the dark of the picture, the maximum peak brightness of 1800nit, and the dynamic contrast of more than 1000000:1.

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 49" R800 5000+ Zones MLED Display Module 

The second one is a 34" WQHD 165Hz R1500 OD0 Mini LED curved gaming display, which also adopts the Mini LED backlight design, and can achieve 2304 partition Local Dimming to achieve precise light control function. The color display is brighter and the contrast between light and dark is stronger, which can meet the highest level display needs of gaming players and dedicated display users.

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34" WQHD 165Hz R1500 OD0 Mini LED Curved Gaming Display 



Industry Leading OLED Process Technology

TCL CSOT Shows Strong Technical Background 


With regard to OLED technology, TCL CSOT has a corresponding technical strategy layout for products of all sizes. Develop small and medium size products and wearable products through flexible OLED technology, develop full screen technologies such as under screen camera, flexible folding technology, etc., and widely apply them to wearable smart screens, folding mobile phones, flexible tablets, flexible laptops, and other fields.

In this exhibition, TCL CSOT launched the world's first ultra-light and thin flexible OLED medium size screen with high screen-to-body ratio. Its screen-to-body ratio is up to 96%, with 4K ultra-high definition and 120Hz refresh rate. At the same time, it is more portable. The overall thickness is only 0.86mm, and the weight is only 119g. It can be easily used for office or movie viewing.

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 The World's First Ultra-Light and Thin Flexible OLED Medium Size Screen with High Screen-to-body Ratio

The monitor IJP technology, oxide backplane technology, RGB IJP technology and other technologies are developed by printed OLED technology to layout medium and large size products. Compared with traditional WOLED, printed OLED technology has more advantages in wide color gamut, low power consumption, high resolution, transparent display and flexible display. At present, it has covered many application fields such as TV, monitor, laptop, etc., including innovative research and development of medium size panel technology, such as High PPI development/Hybrid Oxide technology, flexible new form products, etc.

The world’s first 65" 8K printed OLED of TCL CSOT, the blockbuster product of this CES exhibition, is the OLED product with the largest size, highest resolution and refresh rate developed based on printed OLED technology in the world so far.

The product adopts IGZO TFT backplane technology, 120Hz drive system, and ultra-high precision inkjet printing technology, which uses 33 million ultra-high pixels to display each frame smoothly and delicately; combined with more than 99% of the DCI-P3 ultra-high color gamut and a million-level contrast, it can bring users top visual enjoyment.

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The World's First 65" 8K Printed OLED

In addition to the above products, TCL CSOT booth also displayed a number of black technology products, including 65" 8K wide angle light field display, 7.9" reflective LCD panel, and Micro Lens (MLP) technology folding screen. Here, visitors can also get a close and in-depth understanding of cutting-edge technologies and applications such as light field display technology, LTPO technology, In-Cell touch technology, and immerse themselves in the screen display technology ecology created by TCL CSOT.



Adhere to Technological R&D and Innovation

Striding forward to the Stage of Globalization

Since its establishment, TCL CSOT has always adhered to product and technical innovation and actively responded to consumers' demand for upgrading screen display technology. The product has achieved a leap from scratch, from weak to strong, from following to leading, from domestic to international. Today, TCL CSOT products have been widely recognized by consumers at home and abroad, and become an indispensable part of the global semiconductor display industry.

In the future, TCL CSOT will take a more open attitude, more diversified product structure, actively explore the industry's cutting-edge technology, and promote the development of display technology in the direction of flexibility, thinness, high-definition, and intelligence.