CES2023 TCL CSOT Made An Amazing Appearance with A Variety of Black Technology Products

Release time:Jan,09,2023 Source:TCL CSOT

Recently, the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES) was held in the United States. CES is the world's largest and most influential consumer electronics technology annual exhibition and the world's largest consumer technology industry event, which is hosted by the American Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association, aiming to promote the close integration of cutting-edge electronic technology and modern life. Recently, TCL CSOT, as a global semiconductor display leader, appeared in CES2023 with various blockbuster products, releasing new vitality in the display panel industry.


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The Products Shine across the Market

Create A Visual Feast

As a large-scale and influential consumer electronics exhibition in the world, CES has always been a testing ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovation pioneers. As a leader in the industry, TCL CSOT's high-tech display products in this exhibition are also full of "black technology", presenting a technological feast connecting exhibitors, customers and media around the world.

Large Screen View, Be Personally on the Scene

85" 8K 120Hz a-Si 4Mask 1G1D LCD

This 85" 8K 120Hz a-Si 4Mask 1G1D LCD adopts the TSS high transparency technology independently developed by TCL CSOT, achieving 20% transparency improvement, thus reducing the power consumption of the whole machine by 15%; in addition, the 4 mask technology it applies also significantly reduces the cost, and can enter the user's home at a very friendly price. Such a high-performance product with large size and high definition, whether watching sports programs or high frame rate movies, is extremely smooth; it is absolutely an excellent choice for enjoying TV and games in the living room.

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85" 8K 120Hz a-Si 4Mask 1G1D LCD



The World's First 98" 4K 240Hz 1G1D Display Screen

The world's first oversize 98" 240Hz 1G1D architecture LCD has a transparency of up to 6.0%, which is 30% ahead of similar products in the industry. It can improve the brightness and reduce energy consumption at the same time. The HVA technology matched with it has realized a smooth, jam free, comparable movie theater blockbuster and game experience. The AG63%LR1.8% polarizer matched with it can achieve more comfortable vision while protecting the eyes, which can be regarded as the only magic weapon in the immersion experience of home theater.


 截屏2023-02-06 下午4.02.27.png

The World's First 98" 4K 240Hz 1G1D Display Screen



New Display Breaks through Routine

The World's Highest PPI realRGB LCD VR Display Module

This VR display module has achieved the ultra-high resolution of 2.5k for one eye and 5k for both eyes. The PPI has reached 1700, which is the highest PPI realRGB LCD released in the world at present. It can effectively eliminate the screen effect and the sense of graininess will no longer exist; while realizing the extremely narrow design of the pixel, the module also has the advantages of large opening, high transparency, high contrast, high color gamut, etc., which can make the 3D picture more vivid and immersive; in addition, this module uses fast response LCD, cell design adjustment and drive adjustment, and high refresh rate, which can greatly improve the dynamic blur problem and reduce the sickness problem of VR head mounted display.

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 The World's Highest PPI realRGB LCD VR Display Module


 65" 8K Wide Angle Light Field Display

This product is the latest wide angle light field display launched by TCL CSOT, which can realize clear and comfortable naked eye stereo vision without heavy 3D glasses. The light field display technology brings more realistic scene reproduction with smooth and delicate motion parallax. It is believed that this product will have great potential in meeting, education, advertising and other scenes in the future.

 截屏2023-02-06 下午4.03.03.png

 65" 8K Wide Angle Light Field Display



Flexible Display, Ultra-Light and Thin

The world's first ultra-light and thin flexible OLED medium size screen with high screen-to-body ratio

TCL CSOT recently launched the world's first 14" 4K 120Hz micro frame light-weight OLED medium size display screen, with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 96%. With 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, it is more portable, reflecting better ergonomic properties.

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 The World's First Ultra-Light and Thin Flexible OLED Medium Size Screen with High Screen-to-body Ratio



The World's First Micro Lens (MLP) Technology Folding Screen

TCL CSOT innovatively integrates MLP (Micro Lens) and PLP (Pol Less) technologies, realizing the first application of micro lens in folding products. This low-power technology can effectively reduce power consumption by up to 30%. In terms of screen appearance, CSOT's original Semi-set technology is used to make the folding machine more light, thin and beautiful.


 截屏2023-02-06 下午4.04.09.png

The World's First Micro Lens (MLP) Technology Folding Screen



The King of Gaming Display Will Win

49" 120Hz Variable Curvature LCD Monitor 

On the premise of ensuring high image quality, this monitor can realize LCD variable surface, and the built-in electric flat curve structure can meet the maximum R1500 curvature; in addition, the product is driven by keys and remote control, and the curvature can be adjusted, which not only increases the fun, but also meets the personalized needs.


 截屏2023-02-06 下午4.04.23.png

49" 120Hz Variable Curvature LCD Monitor



34" WQHD 165HZ R1500 Ultra-Thin Mini LED Gaming Monitor 

The other is the world's first thinnest 34-inch R1500 curved mini LED gaming monitor. The thickness of the thinnest part of the whole machine is only 9.9mm, which brings players an ultimate visual experience. At the same time, the TCL CSOT’s high contrast HVA panel, together with the self-developed local dimming algorithm and the 2000+ high partition surface Mini LED backlight technology, perfectly and accurately controls the light. The dynamic contrast exceeds 1000000:1, which can meet the S+ level Mini LED halo evaluation standard. AM active drive scheme eliminates picture tearing and truly realizes healthy eye protection without screen flash; in addition, this monitor also uses environmental cadmium free high color gamut backlight technology and hardware low blue light eye protection technology. While ensuring eye protection, the color is brighter and the contrast between light and dark is stronger, which can meet the highest level display needs of gaming players and dedicated display users.

 截屏2023-02-06 下午4.04.52.png

 34" WQHD 165HZ R1500 Ultra-Thin Mini LED Gaming Display

 In addition to the above eight dazzling best products, TCL CSOT also brings many other products with the same excellence: 7.9" reflective LCD flat panel without backlight which is light and thin and has low energy consumption, 15.6" ultra-thin high-definition In-Cell touch laptop display, the industry’s first visual frameless intelligent wearable screen… At this CES exhibition, TCL CSOT's booth can be described as a cluster of stars, full of black technology, attracting many visitors to stop and experience.



Innovation-driven Development

Continuously Explore the Infinite Possibilities of New Vision of Screen Display

 TCL CSOT has always focused on the field of semiconductor display and adhered to independent innovation to drive development. At present, TCL CSOT is actively deploying new display technologies such as the next generation Mini LED, Micro LED, and printed OLED. Its products cover high-end display applications such as large, medium and small size panels and touch modules, electronic whiteboards, splice walls, on-board and gaming displays, and have built core competitiveness in the global panel industry.


At this CES 2023, TCL CSOT fully demonstrated its fruitful achievements in the field of screen display through a number of exhibits, highlighting the foresighted market layout and leading technical strength as a global semiconductor display leader. Looking forward to the future, TCL CSOT will remain undaunted by challenges, maintain its position as a leader in the industry, achieve industrial leapfrogging from multiple dimensions such as efficiency, products, technology, and ecology, and explore the infinite possibilities of a new vision of screen display.