Xiamen Xinying Display Technology Co., Ltd., A TCL CSOT Joint Venture, Won the Top 10 Outstanding Enterprise Award

Release time:Dec,30,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

On December 30, 2022, TCL CSOT India successfully achieved TV Open cell 100K output. From the first lighting on June 3, 2022 to the phased progress of TV Open cell's production capacity of TCL CSOT India, TCL CSOT's powerful industrial chain process will be demonstrated, which will play a key role in further enhancing TCL CSOT's competitive advantage in India and even the global market.



TCL CSOT India is the first overseas factory of TCL CSOT, located in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, southern India. It is planning five TV Bonding lines with an annual capacity of 8 million sets. It is an important stronghold of TCL CSOT in the global supply chain capacity layout and the Indian market layout. It is 100 kilometers away from Chennai, the fourth largest city in India and an important port city in the south, with natural transportation advantages. The factory mainly produces 32" - 55" TV Open cell, which will be shipped to customers in India and the global market.



TCL CSOT India's main mission is to assume the role of emerging markets with India as the core, including mobile phones, TV, different application fields, and products with different display technologies. TCL CSOT India covers emerging markets with India as the core. At present, TCL CSOT India has completed the installation and commissioning of the first production line. As of December 30, it has been 30 days from climbing to output utilization for the cumulative output of 100K and the daily production capacity of 5K, which indicates that TCL CSOT India has the mass production capacity of TV Open cell. The second production line has been installed and is expected to contribute capacity by the end of February 2023. By the second quarter of 2023, the monthly production capacity of TCL CSOT India TV will reach 300K. In the future, the remaining 3 module production lines will be moved gradually according to the market situation.



As the first and only manufacturer with TV Open Cell production line in India, TCL CSOT India TV Open Cell has achieved 100K output, which is another important progress after the factory's mobile phone panels are mass produced and shipped to customers. The demand for TV in Indian market will be 11M in 2022, and it will grow year by year. As the only factory in India that can produce TV Open Cell at present, TCL CSOT India will ship to all customers in Indian market, provide excellent on-site delivery and after-sales service, and provide customers with TV Open Cell with better quality and more favorable price.



Under the guidance of TCL CSOT's globalization policy, TCL CSOT India will rely on the production and after-sales team capabilities of its Indian base to reduce the production cost of the industry, export TV products to Europe and the Americas, and deepen and carry forward the concept of deepening the industrial chain and supply chain into the world.



The successful completion of TCL CSOT India TV's 100K production capacity this time is only a phased achievement of TCL CSOT's globalization road. In addition, TCL CSOT is also actively exploring new businesses such as AR/VR, MLED, OLED TV, etc., continuously cultivating new growth curves of business, comprehensively improving comprehensive competitiveness, and further enhancing TCL CSOT's confidence in achieving global leadership in the display industry.



In the future, TCL CSOT will continue to promote the strategy of "optimizing the production line and product structure, improving the customer portfolio, and improving the industrial ecology", accelerate the upgrading from a global leader in the large size display industry to a global leader in the full-size display industry, achieve global intelligent manufacturing and global delivery, and effectively improve the level of serving global customers and partners.

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