Great Breakthrough in Full Privacy Screen Technology! TCL CSOT Redefines Privacy Protection

Release time:Dec,23,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

With the rapid development of the Internet, information display technology plays an increasingly important role in people's social activities and daily life. Personal information is more and easier to be seen by others. Seeking personal privacy protection has become the aspiration of many users. Recently, TCL CSOT has developed a 13.3" customized full privacy screen that integrates customized anti-spying and directional voice production to bring users a better privacy protection experience.



Full privacy screen anti-spying technology:

Realizing Comprehensive Information Protection



In the post epidemic era, online working is becoming more and more normalized, and users' demand for privacy is correspondingly growing. When we are talking about privacy protection, what are we talking about exactly? In the broad definition of privacy, it is not only invisible, but also inaudible. The meaning of full privacy is that it is invisible and inaudible in the non-observation range.



Recently, TCL CSOT has made a new breakthrough in the field of intelligent display, providing a lighter and thinner and more customized anti-spying technology solution. The full privacy screen uses a lighter and thinner and special dimming structure, realizing the free switch between overall anti-spying and local anti-spying. At the same time, through the integration of directional sound units, it can achieve ±10° audible angle, effectively preventing the leakage of sound information.



Deep Ploughing Core Technology Research and Development

Build A New Benchmark for Anti-spying in the Display Industry


 TCL CSOT aims to solve users' privacy protection problems through the screen rather than the screen film. The TCL CSOT 13.3" customized full privacy screen adopts a 3:1 partition setting, which can be switched freely between the four states of left anti-spying, right anti-spying, full screen anti-spying + anti-eavesdropping, and full sharing. In the anti-spying state, the side 45 degree brightness is only 1.1% of the front view brightness, while in the sharing state, the side 45 degree brightness is 10% of the front view brightness. This means that when the full screen anti-spying and anti-eavesdropping functions are turned on, only the observer directly in front of the screen can hear the sound and see the information displayed to effectively protect personal privacy and business secrets.


截屏2022-12-28 下午7.13.59.png


In addition to the overall anti-spying, TCL CSOT 13.3" customized full privacy screen can also achieve the anti-spying and sharing of local locations. According to the application scenario, users can switch between different modes with one key, select the image information they want to display and protect, which solves the problem of common anti-spying screens and anti-spying films when they need to share the screen with others. In addition, by integrating the directional sound unit, the audible angle of ±10° & 0.3-16 KHz can be achieved, that is, in the anti-spying mode, only the screen users in front of the screen can hear the sound, effectively preventing information leakage caused by the sound.


 Compared with the ordinary anti-spying screen, the full privacy screen has more flexible local dynamic anti-spying function and anti-eavesdropping function, which can comprehensively and effectively protect users' information security of "viewing" and "listening".



Innovation Driven

Promote Domestic Display to Take Advantage of the Trend

Under the background of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and rapid development of industrial transformation, the digital economy has entered a new stage of development in an all-round way. As an important carrier of information interaction and a core window of human-computer interaction in the digital economy era, the new display is leading a new wave of digital, intelligent, and innovative transformation. In the future, TCL CSOT will continue to promote the innovation, iteration, popularization and application of active anti-spying technology, consolidate the industrial transformation and application capability, contribute to the development of the industry, and empower the scientific and technological power of China.