Create Smart Travel - TCL CSOT brought cutting-edge products to the German Munich Electronic Exhibition

Release time:Nov,06,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

From November 15 to 18, 2022, the Munich Electronics Show (hereinafter referred to as “Electronica”) - the biennial top event of the global electronics industry, was held at the Munich Exhibition Center. As a leading enterprise in the semiconductor display industry, TCL CSOT appeared in Munich to share its scientific and technological innovation achievements in the field of vehicle display with global consumers and outstanding enterprises.



Several cutting-edge technologies appear

Create the ultimate product experience



TCL CSOT seized the opportunity of automobile transformation, actively laid out the field of vehicle display, vigorously developed vehicle business, and made various innovative attempts to meet the requirements of differentiated design of vehicle screens. At this Electronica, TCL CSOT gained extensive attention on the innovative vehicle display products.



Switchable active anti-peeping

13.3-inch co-driver screen



TCL CSOT launched the first 13.3-inch switchable anti-peeping screen with independent intellectual property rights due to the emphasis on driving safety in the vehicle market. The screen adopted a dual cell structure design with collimating backlight, and placed the perspective switching unit between the display screen and backlight to achieve flexible switching between the peep proof state and the shared state, which can ensure the safety of the driver and share the fun of the co-driver at the same time.




13.3-inch co-driver screen



Innovative human-computer interaction

15.9-inch profiled central control screen



TCL CSOT developed this 15.9-inch profiled central control screen in the process of unlimited exploration of driving safety screen solutions, to create an innovative human-computer interaction experience. The screen can be equipped with a built-in camera and DMS driver monitoring system to ensure driving safety, realizing front and rear driver-passenger interaction and improving the their experience. In addition, the screen had 3K HD resolution and brightness of more than 1000nit. It was equipped with a straight down Mini LED backlight, which can control the light in different zones and reduce the energy consumption of the product while ensuring the driver’s visual experience.



15.9-inch profiled central control screen



Safer driving system

12.3-inch dual screen



TCL CSOT further developed this 12.3-inch dual screen in the pursuit of ultimate experience. The left instrument panel of this dual screen adopted CUP camera under panel technology, which can hide the sensor while preventing the impact of diffraction on IR imaging to ensure the imaging quality.



This 12.3-inch CUP dual screen integrated the DMS driver monitoring system. Through the image data recognition of the camera, it can realize four major functions of distracted driving detection, fatigue driving detection, sight tracking, and face recognition. And it can also judge the driver’s fatigue and distraction status at the frequency of 200 ms /time through algorithms with big data, and give feedback and reminders on the screen end and the vehicle system, so as to ensure driving safety.


12.3-inch dual screen



Unleashing future imagination

Continuous development of oversized products



Smart is the focus in the second half competition for new energy vehicles, and the trend of it also brings up higher requirements for screens. The vehicle displays with large screen, personalized and ultra-high definition have gradually become a fashion. As a leader in large size panels, TCL CSOT has also made remarkable achievements for innovation in this field.




47.5-inch integrated vehicle curved screen



TCL CSOT 47.5-inch integrated vehicle curved screen is set across the entire A pillar curved surface of the vehicle display screen. The screen was about 1.4 meters long. It adopted a completely seamless ultra-thin integrated design across the entire A pillar. It also integrated the functions of instrument, central control and co-driver entertainment display, creating an immersive and futuristic surrounding experience.



In addition, this screen used NTSC 110% ultra-high color gamut display technology with the highest 8K resolution in the vehicle industry, and the backlight used the current popular AM Mini LED technology, bringing an excellent driving visual enjoyment of ultra-high mega contrast. The intelligent algorithm could adjust the brightness of the LED in each area separately according to the displayed content, thereby saving energy, and dispelling the anxiety of many consumers about “whether the large screen consumes more power and will reduce the driving distance”. It can be called a screen specially built for vehicles.




47.5-inch integrated vehicle curved screen

Oversize HD dual screen

12.3-inch plus 35.6-inch Pillar-to-Pillar vehicle display



This was a penetrated large screen composed of 12.3-inch high-definition (HD) instrument panel and 35.6- inch 6K HD central control screen. This screen adopted a penetration design, which opened up the display space between the three screens of the instrument, central control and co- driver, and fully connected the 12.3-inch screen and the 35.6-inch screen as a whole, so that the co-driver can participate more in the vehicle interaction, and even further complete the work that traditional drivers need to be distracted, such as navigation settings, driving assistance settings and so on, to better ensure driving safety. This super large dual screen was equipped with 260 partition and 1440 partition Mini LED backlights respectively, which provides drivers and passengers with ultra-high contrast and more delicate display images.




12.3-inch plus 35.6-inch Pillar-to-Pillar vehicle display



Based on technical advantages

Leading the innovative development of the industry



At present, smart and networking have become the development trend of the automobile industry, and the global mainstream automobile brands have also paid more attention to the upgrade of interaction between people and vehicles. TCL CSOT is actively promoting its layout in the field of vehicle display, trying to enter the mainstream of vehicle display in a larger scale, expanding its share with products more competitive in price, and building a more diversified, mature and intelligent industrial ecology of vehicle display.



TCL CSOT fully demonstrated the deep technical reserves and leading R&D strength of Chinese enterprises with its rich achievements in the field of vehicle display at the Electronica. In the future, TCL will continue to deepen its globalization strategy. It will overcome high-end barriers in display technology by the innovative technology and advantageous production capacity, strive to create integrated solutions, promote the innovative development of China’s display industry, and let more users benefit from technological innovation.