TCL CSOT was certified by SGS as the world's first wearable screen Flicker Free Plus with global stroboscopic free certification.

Release time:Nov,02,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

Recently, TCL CSOT launched the world's first smart wearable screen with ultra-low frequency 0.016 Hz, which was awarded the SGS Dynamic Stability Flicker Free Plus Certification by SGS Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SGS), a world-renowned third-party testing and certification agency. As the first optical certificate applied to TCL CSOT intelligent wearable products, it not only further verified TCL CSOT's wearable technology strength, but also demonstrated TCL CSOT's ultimate pursuit of ultra-low frequency in the wearable display field.




TCL CSOT wearable screen ZQ 1.92 passed SGS global stroboscopic free certification.




Fearless of challenge in extreme temperature

TCL CSOT promotes the new development of wearable screen.



The development of science and technology (S&T) has made people's lifestyle more diversified, and the rise of outdoor camping and fitness activities has also made intelligent wearable products a new favorite of S&T. However, in daily use, the stroboscopic problem of the wearable screen will lead to some light sensitive people suffering from fatigue, headache and other adverse reactions, which also greatly reduces the use effect of intelligent wearable products.


At present, the dynamic images on the display we see are composed of bezels of static images, but there is a black transition zone between bezels. When the human eye is looking at the display, it will flicker from light to dark, and the pupil will adjust accordingly. Frequent blinking of the display will cause eye fatigue, which is an important reason why some people feel sour and intolerable when they look at the display for a while.



Comparison of images with and without stroboscopic screen



TCL CSOT wearable screen ZQ 1.92 came into being in order to solve the stroboscopic problem and give users a more comfortable visual experience. It was tested by the strict objective performance test conducted by the SGS professional team under the mode of 0.016 Hz and 60 Hz refresh rate, respectively, with extreme high and low temperature to make sure that there was no stroboscopic. The final test results showed that the TCL CSOT wearable screen ZQ 1.92 had good stroboscopic performance whether in the extreme low temperature of -20 ℃, the normal temperature of 25 ℃ or the ultra-high temperature of 70 ℃.



TCL CSOT wearable screen ZQ 1.92 has successfully obtained the SGS's first global stroboscopic free certification of smart watch screen product Flicker Free Plus by virtue of its good characteristics of cold resistance and heat resistance.




TCL CSOT wearable ultra-low frequency screen



Except the stroboscopic problem, the unpredictable outdoor temperature also puts forward higher requirements for wearable screens. TCL CSOT launched the world's first ultra-low frequency OLED wearable technology to enable the wearable screen to cope with the outdoor environment with large temperature difference. With the unique driving mode, its intelligent wearable products can still achieve full gray scale flicker free at the refresh rate of 0.016 Hz and 60 Hz, as well as at the normal temperature of 20 ℃, low temperature of -20 ℃, and high temperature of 70 ℃.



At the same time, this wearable screen also combined the ultra-narrow bezel to effectively improve the visual impact of the screen, reduce the battery pressure with low power consumption, switch freely in wide band, TDDI (integration of touch and display driver, optimization of spatial structure, release of stacking space) and color unchanged with low frequency, and achieve high-quality improvement in product display, appearance, screen use and standby time, bringing users a "high-level" experience of intelligent wearable products.



S&T help the industrial innovation

Innovation leads the industrial future


At present, China's intelligent wearable devices are still in a high development. As a global semiconductor display leader, TCL CSOT continues to take technology as the core driving force and continues to iterate technology, bringing new vitality and breakthroughs to the wearable display field.


In the future, TCL CSOT will layout the industry chain focusing on the technology chain, accelerate the R&D of new display technologies, promote the transformation, optimization and upgrading of the industry chain, and build an open and global new ecology of display technology cooperation.