Empowering the industry with scientific and technological innovation to break the situation, TCL CSOT climbs up to overcome difficulties and shows its industry responsibility.

Release time:Oct,20,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

Looking back at the development history of mobile phones, each change is accompanied by revolutionary technological innovation from cell phones to iPhones to folding screens. At the moment when the development of mobile phones is seriously homogenized, which will become a new technology with epoch-making significance? The answer may be stretchable display. Stretchable means that the flexible display screen can stretch and shrink like a balloon when displaying images. This technology has attracted wide attention in the industry. TCL CSOT has also achieved key technology breakthroughs in stretchable display, which may lead to new possibilities in our life.



Stretchable display technology opens a new era of flexible display.



At present, the development of the screen has come to the era of folding screen. However, the mass-produced folding screen only realizes the morphological change on the surface with zero Gaussian curvature although it has brought some space to the shape of electronic products, and cannot cover the non-zero surface with Gaussian curvature that is more widespread in nature, which also shows that we are still in the initial stage of flexible display technology. The stretchable display technology that allows the screen to be stretched, curled and folded came into being to give better consideration to the large screen and portability.



Stretchable display technology can make the display screen stretch in all directions like a rubber band to change the shape, and can also be adapted to any shaped surface. If this technology matures and achieves commercial application in the future, it will involve many fields. Take mobile phones, tablets, and computers for example, consumers can take the device out of their pockets at any time as needed to spread, fold, flatten, or bend it, and the size and shape of the device are all at their disposal, if a device uses a screen with stretchable display technology. Following this vision, we can imagine that our display screen may be used flexibly in various fields in the future, such as public display, medical, biological, wearable, or vehicle mounted scenes, just like cloth of making clothes.



Actively explore technological innovation and take multiple measures to solve the pain points of stretchable display



Stretchable display technology allows us to see new concepts that may appear in the future, but the technical difficulty is inconceivable. Some insiders said that the durability, the final thickness, and the creases on the screen are very difficult issues at this stage. With a number of innovative technologies in the industry and new designs of circuit and structure, TCL CSOT has made many explorations in the stretchable display technology, and has developed certain mature technologies at this stage.



Stretching ratio > 40%



We know that when a balloon with a pattern is inflated, the pattern will become distorted or even deformed as the balloon stretches. This problem is very common in life, and the same problem will also affect the flexible display.



In order to overcome this difficulty, TCL CSOT bridged pixel circuits with a special hinge design, making the entire display have considerable scalability under the action of external forces, achieving a substrate stretching rate of more than 40%. In this way, its ratio of width and height can still remain unchanged even if the image on the screen becomes larger, so that the image can avoid to be distorted.



141 PPI



In terms of display effect, TCL CSOT did not blindly pursue stretching rate and ignore image quality. TCL CSOT has achieved 141 PPI pixel density by using micro-LED massive transfer technology to optimize the pixel design. This specification basically covers the demand range of vehicle mounted, medical and other displays, which can be said to properly meet the user's demand for stretchable screen and high-definition image quality.



Blaze a trail to be the pioneer bravely, leading the industry development with innovative technology.



As a leading global semiconductor display enterprise, TCL CSOT always adheres to respect for technology and insists on innovation, and has the courage to explore the man-free land of S&T. Today, TCL CSOT has made remarkable achievements in the development of new technologies. With the technical difficulties of the stretchable display being overcome one by one, the era of the stretchable display technology is bound to come. In the future, TCL CSOT will also continue to strengthen its core technology advantages in the display field, give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises in the industry, take "technology + application" as the basis, let the innovative technology catch up with the fast industrial transformation, comprehensively lead the upgrading and development of China's display industry, and bring more surprises to the industry and consumers.