TCL CSOT capacitive active pen with folding screen met the writing needs of the whole scene, and the cost is equal but the effect is improved.

Release time:Oct,17,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

In recent years, capacitive touch screens have been more widely used with the rapid development of smart phone. The growing demand of consumers for large screens, to some extent, has led to the birth of folding and scroll screens. At the meantime, a variety of application software has increasingly high requirements for the precision of touch and handwriting. The capacitive active pen came into being to meet the needs of various scenes such as office work and painting.



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Reduce RC load



High precision and precise touch



At present, the popular flexible OLED in the market usually used the DOT Sensor similar to the On-cell to realize the touch function. On this basis, integrating and developing the active pen function can effectively save development costs and improve the linearity and accuracy of active pen writing.



Compared with the traditional external touch scheme, RC (resistance and parasitic capacitance) has a large load and large coupling noise. The RC load will be reduced through Sensor Pattern and process optimization, and the signal-to-noise ratio will be optimized by adjusting drive voltage and frequency of the active pen, so that the linearity and accuracy of the active pen writing are higher. In the module process part, there is no need to add other films to realize the active pen function, which has little impact on the folding screen's lamination and bending characteristics.



TCL CSOT continues to innovate on the basis of the original technology to create a product with high precision and low cost, and created a new type of capacitive active pen with folding screen, whose writing effect was significantly improved compared with traditional products.



High accuracy



Good writing experience



TCL CSOT capacitive active pen has optimized the product through the unique Sensor Pattern to improve the accuracy and linearity of the product, especially in the aspect of diagonal linearity, the effect has been improved by more than 30%. In the relevant test of active pen effect based on the USI&WGP protocol, the data were superior to the specification requirements of Wacom Level-1.



At the same time, the point reporting rate of this product reached 266 Hz, and the peak value could reach 360 Hz according to different protocols. The accuracy, linearity and jitter of the pen, all specifications can reach 0.3 mm, highly showing the pen tip track. The suspension height of the pen could reach 8 mm. There is no delay or broken touch when writing, and the writing is smooth.



Long service life



Good friction performance



TCL CSOT capacitive active pen has both electrical conductivity and appropriate damping, with excellent friction strength and wear resistance based on the excellent tip adaptation characteristics of flexible OLED screen surface materials. The service life of pen tip could reach more than 5000 meters for writing experience, and the screen could withstand more than 10000 times of tip friction, meeting users' demands for writing performance and durability.



Strong technology



Cost no increasing



In terms of manufacturing process, TCL CSOT continues to optimize, develop and implement the active pen function based on the existing touch DOT sensor. While meeting the user's demand for high-performance touch, there is no need to change the existing manufacturing process and technological process, which greatly saves the process production cost generated by technology optimization.




Boost the market development of capacitor pen

Make writing and painting on the screen more comfortable



At present, the market acceptance and penetration rate of capacitor pens in China are still at a low level. As a domestic semiconductor leader, TCL CSOT absorbs the strengths of others and innovates the technology, constantly enhancing the practicability and durability of them. The launch of capacitive active pen for the folding screen with good writing performance, long service life, strong stability, good comfort and other advantages will undoubtedly help the capacitor pen market in China to get greater expansion, comprehensively improve the market acceptance and penetration of the capacitor pen, provide consumers with the products of better quality and cheaper price, and make writing on the screen more comfortable and efficient.