TCL CSOT’s transflective technology, realizing eye protection and more energy saving

Release time:Aug,29,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

In recent years, with the continuous progress of science and technology, users have also put forward a variety of demands for the display screen, such as multi-function, more energy saving, borderless and higher definition. Therefore, while constantly improving hardware equipment, electronic equipment manufacturers have to think about how to carry the banner of "energy saving" under the condition of equipment performance optimization, and try to reduce power consumption in other aspects.



In response to this problem, many manufacturers start with the lighting mode of the screen. Some high-end mobile phones, outdoor handheld GPS, handheld computers, high-end tablets and other products of major foreign brands use "transflective" screens so that the screen brightness can automatically adapt to the outdoor environment, achieve more power saving, and greatly improve the reading effect.


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In fact, according to the lighting technology, the screen can be divided into reflective type, transmissive type and transflective type. The reflective screen is equipped with a reflector on the back to provide light source for reading in sunlight and light. This kind of screen performs well under strong light sources such as outdoor sunlight, but it can't even be read under insufficient light. The transmission screen relies on backlight to provide light source. Although its ability for reading is excellent in weak light and no light, its backlight brightness is seriously insufficient in outdoor sunlight. More than that, simply relying on improving backlight brightness will lead to rapid loss of power, and the visual effect is very unsatisfactory.



Transflective display (TRD) technology is actually a display that can be switched between the transmission display mode and the reflection display mode according to the change of ambient brightness. It uses ambient light as the light source to achieve display in the highlighted environment, and uses backlight to provide light source to achieve display in the dark environment. At the same time, it combines the advantages of the reflection display mode such as energy saving, eye protection, high contrast in the highlighted environment, with those of the transmission display mode such as high definition and fast dynamic response, so it can be applied to outdoor highlight environment billboards, bus stations and student education tablets. At night or in low light environment, backlight is used to provide light source, and the dynamic display effect is good, so it can meet the needs of different display environments.



According to the current situation of the industry, the transflective screen technology is becoming mature, but few manufacturers in China will use it. Because of the complex process requirements, first of all, the screen must be made of reflective material on the basis of its own material to make a reflective film, and second, it must also have light-emitting panels. Based on the advantages of TRD technology and its own scientific and technological strength, TCL CSOT has achieved perfection in three aspects: environmental adaptation, low power consumption and dynamic display. At this stage, it has completed the development of TRD technology, which can quickly realize mass production of products.





TCL CSOT realizes the integrated ambient light sensor inside the panel, which can switch the display mode according to the change of ambient brightness without adding additional process.


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Schematic diagram of ambient light sensor switching





The power of TRD reflection display mode of TCL CSOT is 10% of that of transmission mode, which has the feature of ultra-low power consumption display. Compared with the existing PID highlight products, the power consumption of TRD outdoor display can be reduced by about 90%, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.



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In terms of dynamic display, compared with the reflective electronic paper on the market, the TRD response time can reach several ms level, its dynamic switching effect is better, and there is no ghost problem, so it can really save energy and protect eyes.


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Now, display has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, and users' requirements for products are not limited to energy saving and eye protection. Over the years, TCL CSOT has continuously launched a number of technologies and products leading the development of the global display industry by virtue of its profound technology accumulation in the display field, and is committed to constantly bringing users the ultimate visual experience and smart lifestyle.