Heavyweight union! TCL CSOT joins hands with TÜV Rheinland to build a joint laboratory for health vision

Release time:Aug,26,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

On August 25, TCL CSOT signed an agreement in Suzhou TCL CSOT with TÜV Rheinland, Germany, to jointly establish a joint laboratory. Zhao Bin, the Vice President of TCL CSOT and the General Manager of the R&D Center, Li Zhisheng, Vice President, General Manager of MNT Business Division and NB Business Division, Ju Xia, the General Manager of Suzhou TCL CSOT, Cao Dan, the Director of R&D, Frank Holzmann, Global Vice President of Electronic and Electrical Products Service of TÜV Rheinland, Germany, Liu Xiqiang, the Regional General Manager and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.


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Powerful cooperation gives the display health attributes



At the signing ceremony, General Manager Zhao Bin mentioned the purpose of jointly building the joint laboratory, the most critical of which is the strong will of both parties on technical cooperation. TÜV Rheinland, Germany is a world leading technology service provider with a 150-year history. It is also the first third-party certification agency to introduce low blue light detection and certification requirements into the display industry, leading in the field of visual health; as the leading enterprise in the screen display industry, TCL CSOT has a profound accumulation in various display technologies. Up to now, TCL CSOT has successfully applied for 56000 patents, of which nearly 20000 are authorized, ranking top in PCT global enterprise patent list.



With the in-depth development of eye protection technology and the continuous expansion of display technology application scenarios, how to protect consumers' visual health and physical health more systematically and comprehensively, and how to improve consumers' visual experience facing display products have become common problems faced by the screen display industry at present, which is also one of the original intentions of TCL CSOT and TÜV Rheinland, Germany to establish a joint laboratory. Both parties hope to jointly explore display technology and standards, carry out more in-depth research in the fields of eye care health, video game display and Mini LED display, and seek more possibilities.



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This cooperation is not the first cooperation between TCL CSOT and TÜV Rheinland, Germany. As General Manager Zhao Bin mentioned in his speech, the relationship of the two parties can be traced back to 2012, and it has been ten years since then. The two parties have carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation in visual health fields such as low blue light, Eyesafe, Eye Comfort, and TCL CSOT is the first LCD panel plant in the world to obtain TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification, Eyesafe certification and Eye Comfort certification at the same time. Many cutting-edge display products, such as TCL CSOT 27" modules and 23.8" gaming display modules, have won the eye protection certification of TÜV Rheinland, Germany.



Harmony and symbiosis to comprehensively improve the user's visual experience



This signing marks that the cooperation between the two parties has entered a deeper stage. Under the framework of the joint laboratory, the two parties will combine the advantages of Rheinland in display technology standards and TCL CSOT display technology, pay full attention to consumers' visual experience, carry out deeper and more valuable cooperation in gaming display, Mini LED display, visual health and other fields, develop more new display standards and technologies that meet consumers' needs, improve consumers' visual experience, and promote the continuous progress of display technology.