TCL CSOT Oxide technology is upgraded again! Leading the new mainstream of the intelligent era

Release time:Aug,25,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

In the post-epidemic era, affected by the rapid development of the game and e-sports industries, binge-watching on large screen and game playing on wide screen have become important entertainment activities for homesteads. People's demands for screen color, smoothness, thickness, and especially size are growing day by day. In order to meet consumers' higher requirements for display performance, Oxide technology, which has significant advantages in large size, ultra-high definition and other fields, came into being.



The era of large screen HD display is coming



TCL CSOT Oxide technology creates extreme experience 



Wide band and low power consumption



Oxide technology is widely concerned for its advantages of high mobility, low power consumption and large area uniformity, and its application advantages in life are also very obvious. Oxide technology has high mobility and strong driving ability. It has significantly lower power than a-Si and lower cost than LTPS; and with its low leakage current characteristics, it has realized a drive below 20Hz that a-Si and LTPS cannot meet. It can also achieve low frequency and low power consumption in office, reading and other scenarios, and meet the business office needs of users for a long time.



High resolution + high refresh rate



Oxide technology also adds the metal copper (Cu) process, which greatly improves the mobility and reduces the resistivity, realizing the dual combination of high resolution and high refresh rate. It is more suitable for large-sized display panels, so that gaming players with high requirements for equipment can also have a pleasant experience.



Narrow Border



Oxide technology has high electronic mobility and strong driving power. It achieves narrow borders by reducing the GOA TFT size, achieving a higher screen-to-body ratio and giving users an immersive visual experience.



Micro LED



Oxide has good process uniformity, so it is more suitable for large-sized screen production. Therefore, it is also one of the preferred drive technology schemes for the new generation of display Micro LEDs. With the continuous improvement of Oxide's electronic mobility, Micro LED direct display driven by high-mobility Oxide technology can not only compete with LTPS in brightness and power consumption, but also has more advantages in cost.



Several global debut technology products appear



Leading the industry's top level



In addition, in order to provide users with a more authentic and ultimate visual feast, TCL CSOT and industry partners have continued to jointly develop for many years, and finally successfully developed the high-mobility Oxide materials with independent intellectual property rights. In addition to high mobility, it also has ultra-high lighting stability, which can significantly improve the specification and performance of the product. TCL CSOT continues to apply and introduce this technology to many high-end products, bringing consumers the top enjoyment of "immersive" experience.



At this stage, TCL CSOT's Oxide technology for mass production has been developed and ready, and it has the capacity for mass production in terms of product performance and reliability. In the near future, with the release of the mass production capacity of the t9 Project Oxide, TCL CSOT will bring more high-performance Oxide display products to consumers.



Since 2021, TCL CSOT has successively launched a number of phenomenal star products which appeared in major exhibitions, including the world's first 85" 8K 4mask IGZO high-end TV, the world's first 75" P0.6 glass-based direct display MLED, the world's first 125" P1.2 glass-based transparent direct display MLED window and other exhibits.


截屏2022-12-28 下午6.43.23.png


85" 8K 4mask IGZO high-end TV



TCL CSOT's profound technical foundation and high-quality presentation effect have reached the top level of the current industry, and both screen color and smoothness of use present excellent experience for users. What's more, TCL CSOT's first Mux 1:3 NB display module in the world using autonomous high-mobility Oxide is under preparation.


截屏2022-12-28 下午6.43.41.png

The world's first 125"glass-based transparent direct display MLED



截屏2022-12-28 下午6.44.02.png

The world's first 75" P0.6 glass-based direct display MLED



As a leader in the global display panel industry, TCL CSOT will continue to explore new consumer needs in depth, optimize innovative technologies, expand opportunities for integration and innovation with other application scenarios, and take it as its own responsibility to promote the process of screen localization; it breaks through the shackles of "frame", widely uses super large screen display, enables consumers to have a more colorful world, and brings consumers more extreme and immersive visual enjoyment.