Advanced technology empowers technology! TCL CSOT joins hands with Redmi to realize the beautiful transformation of domestic screen

Release time:Aug,17,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

On August 11, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, officially released Redmi K50 Ultra, the peak of the K50 universe, at the 2022 annual speech. As one of the screen suppliers of this new product, TCL CSOT also "appeared on the scene" in an alternative way. The flagship new K50 product with TCL CSOT flexible OLED screen will be launched for the first time.



There are many highlights of the Redmi K50 Ultra, such as the Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform, large-capacity batteries, and super endurance... But the most eye-catching and most discussed is the 1.5K straight screen equipped with this new product. The resolution of the screen is 2712*1220. It adopts a central punching design, with PPI 446, supporting 12bit color depth, Adaptive HDR and 1920 high-frequency PWM dimming. With the original color display, its actual definition is comparable to 2K. In terms of power consumption, 1.5K straight screen can isolate the influence of heating of devices such as circuits on organic light-emitting materials by adding a light-shielding metal layer so that the light-emitting materials can work more stably, thus improving the life of the screen. In other words, this new product can truly find a perfect balance between high image quality and low power consumption.



The first in China, creating a good screen made in China



So how does this 1.5K straight screen achieve "high image quality and low power consumption"? Then we have to talk about the BSM technology brought by TCL CSOT. This technology was proposed by TCL CSOT in April 2021, and was finally developed at the end of August 2021, making its "debut" in this new product release.



One of the advantages of BSM technology is that it can improve the afterimage. In addition, it can further improve the service life of the screen. Compared with the same type of technology, BSM technology can improve the afterimage better, and the screen life has also been greatly improved. As the first domestic enterprise to develop BSM technology, TCL CSOT also has a corresponding patent for this technology.


截屏2022-12-28 下午6.24.25.png


In this annual speech, Lei Jun also released Xiaomi Tablet 5 Pro 12.4, in which TCL CSOT also played the role of "screen supplier". This 12.4-inch ultra-clear large screen exclusively provided by TCL CSOT has 2560*1600 resolution, supports high refresh rate up to 120Hz, 240Hz stylus sampling rate, DCI-P3 high color gamut, 500nit high brightness, and TUV Rheinland hardware-level low blue light certification, which is impeccable in terms of hard strength. TCL CSOT has delivered to all consumers a full score whether it is the final image quality presentation or the exquisite and rich color.


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Strong cooperation to continue the story of localization



When it comes to the "relationship" between TCL CSOT and Xiaomi, it can be traced back to 2017, when the two domestic brands joined hands and achieved mutual success for many times. From LCD mobile phones to OLED mobile phones, TCL CSOT has helped Xiaomi release 27+ models, with a total delivery of more than 100 million+ models.


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This cooperation is another collaboration between TCL CSOT and Xiaomi. In the future, TCL CSOT will continue to build the capability of full size and full category panel products, deeply cultivate the screen field, take technological innovation as the core driver, and bring more possibilities to the entire screen display industry. It will also continue to write the story of localization with Xiaomi, raising the domestic display technology, products and services to a new global height.