TCL CSOT's Oxide TFT technology is built for large-scale AMOLED

Release time:Jul,15,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

In recent years, with the continuous updating of semiconductor display technology, consumers have also put forward higher requirements for the display performance of electronic products. Their demand has accelerated the development of panel technology of electronic products, and the Oxide TFT technology is thus developedThis technology has great application value in AMOLED, especially in the fields of large size, ultra-high definition, 3D display, high pixel density and low power consumption have significant advantages.



Currently, the mainstream TFT technologies are a-Si, LTPS and Oxide. Among them, Oxide technology has be widely concerned by the public due to its advantages of high mobility, low power consumption (low leakage current) and large area uniformity. TCL CSOT's in-depth exploration in this technology field also gives it a greater market prospect.



Oxide thin film transistor (Oxide TFT) is a kind of semiconductor component that works on the principle of field effect. Its core structure is a semiconductor active layer/gate insulation layer/gate metal layer film stack. At present, most of the semiconductor layers in Oxide TFTs are made of indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO), which is a compound formed by four chemical elements such as In/Ga/Zn/O (IGZO) in a certain proportion. Compared with a-Si materials, IGZO can have high electron mobility in amorphous state by virtue of its unique carrier conduction mechanism.



Compared with the traditional a-Si TFT display screen, the technical bottleneck of the stability and mobility of the a-Si solution at this stage is solved by using the Oxide TFT display screen, and its display performance is improved; However, LTPS is mainly used for small size OLEDs due to its limited equipment and yield. It is still difficult to apply LTPS to large size OLEDs. Therefore, with the popularization and promotion of Oxide TFT technology in the field of large size AMOLED displays, more consumers may favor it in the future.



As a pioneer in the semiconductor technology industry and a leader in the display field, TCL CSOT not only has high-end large-scale OLED production lines in the industry, but also has mastered the leading-edge Oxide TFT technology.




High resolution and large size



TCL CSOT adopts copper process top gate Oxide TFT component structure. The parasitic capacitance and RC loading of the product are smaller than those of other structures, so it can meet the requirements of high resolution and high refresh rate products, and more suitable for large size display panels.



High stability


In order to obtain the oxide TFT component with higher performance, TCL CSOT is committed to technical improvement. First, it obtained the top gate IGZO TFT component with high reliability by optimizing the manufacturing process of the key film, and successfully applied it to the flexible substrate. Secondly, new oxide materials were introduced to further improve the component characteristics.



Low process cost



TCL CSOT has also been committed to the development of the top emitting (T/E) dimmer backplane technology, thus reducing the number of masks by designing a new TFT; by means of process optimization, different film masks are combined to achieve a process with both high product quality and low production cost, and enhance product cost competitiveness.



The world's first 17" printed OLED scroll screen



In terms of application scenarios, TCL CSOT actively promotes the implementation of related products by combining its advanced technology and scientific research strength. Based on the Oxide TFT technology, TCL CSOT has integrated high-precision inkjet printing technology and top emitting device structure, and has launched two high-quality samples - the world's first 17" printed OLED scroll screen and 31" UD inkjet printing OLED. As a key product of TCL CSOT, TCL CSOT has also appeared at the TCL CSOT Global Biological Display Conference (DTC), which has been widely concerned and debated in this industry. At the same time, TCL CSOT also introduced the top gate Oxide TFT in G11 production line. IGZO U %< 3%, its component stability reached the industry leading level, and first realized the lighting of G11 generation line Oxide TFT-IJP OLED in this industry.



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31" UD inkjet OLED



In the future, relying on the innovative pursuit of continuous exploration and mature and stable production lines and processes, TCL CSOT will not only make the Oxide TFT display bigger and stronger, accelerate its mass production, open a larger "horizon" for the industry, but also actively develop OLED related technologies and present better display products to consumers.