TCL CSOT low blue light display solution leads the era of health eye protection screen

Release time:Jul,08,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

With the popularity of smart phones and other mobile terminals, display screens have become an indispensable part of people's daily life, and we have entered the "screen" era. The epidemic has led to the rise of online courses and the long duration of use of screen. In recent years, after the "low blue light certification" as a product selling point has come into sight of  the consumer, and the "low blue light, eye protection" has once become a strong demand for people to buy electronic products.




International authoritative certification



As a leader in the display industry, TCL CSOT has the world's leading low Blue light technology. While it is ensured that the product has the traditional advantages such as high fidelity and high color gamut, we have also made great efforts in the aspect of eye health care. Since the launch of many products, they have won many international authoritative certifications such as German TÜV Rhine, SGS, Eyesafe Display, etc.




In May 2020, TCL CSOT has three products that have won the double certification of German TÜV Rheinland Hardware Low Blue Light and Eyesafe Display, and becomthe first batch of products that have passed the Eyesafe Display certification in the world; In August 2020, TCL CSOT won the Eye Comfort Display (LCD) certification for the world's first display screen eye comfort issued by Rheinland TÜV Group; On September 18, 2020, the internationally recognized inspection, identification, testing and certification agency SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SGS") issued TCL CSOT with the world's first SGS Low Blue Light EX certification - certification by an international authority, which endorsed TCL CSOT's low blue light health eye care display product solution, TCL CSOT's low blue light display products have also become the choice of many international first-line terminal brands.



Low Blu ray Technology Features



TCL CSOT low blue light products have the characteristics of Eyesafe Display (low proportion of blue light, low amount of harmful blue light), high color accuracy, high color gamut, high contrast, low power consumption, etc. From the aspects of color display, color temperature, proportion of blue light, and harmful coefficient of blue light, they provide a solution to reduce harmful blue light in hardware, achieve hardware level low blue light, and accurately meet the needs of eye care of college, middle school, primary school students, and ordinary consumers, Protect consumers' visual health.




Three technologies to create eye protection display


TCL CSOT has developed eye comfort technology from three aspects: high-definition image quality, ambient light management, and eye care technology.



Picture quality assurance



TCL CSOT has improved the color gamut coverage of LCD and debugged software to make the screen have high color accuracy and perfect grayscale transition, and maintain a complete display color gamut, so as to achieve a high degree of image restoration, restore the vivid colors of the display screen, and achieve high-definition display of the screen.



Ambient light management



In order to reduce ambient light reflection and ensure readability and color performance under sunlight and various indoor ambient lights, the special surface treatment is realized through the adjustment of material and LCD manufacturing process


Low blue light eye protection



TCL CSOT low blue light technology redshifts the main wavelength of blue LED, reduces harmful blue light to less than 50%, and reduces short wavelength blue light damage from the root. The 14.0 inch 3K Notebook of TCL CSOT has a harmful blue light ratio of 39% (the harmful blue light ratio of conventional LCD panels is~60%), which can significantly reduce human eye injury while ensuring the ultimate image quality.



In addition to hardware level low-blue light, the full brightness DC dimming and more pipe section PWM frequency modulation technology is used in the display screen to eliminate high-frequency stroboscopic and effectively alleviate visual fatigue.



This integrated technology solution of TCL CSOT represents that the health eye care level of Chinese display panel enterprises represented by TCL CSOT has reached the world's advanced level in the field of LCD panels. In the future, TCL CSOT will continue to pay attention to visual health, and is committed to providing consumers with green, healthy and safe display solutions in the "screen" era. It is willing to become the industry leader in the field of the global health display further promote the research and development of visual comfort products, and promote the continuous and vigorous development of the display product industry.