The Indian Andhra Pradesh government has paid great attention to the investment and development of TCL CSOT (India)

Release time:Jul,25,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

On June 23, 2022, Chief Minister YS Jagan, the top leader of Andhra Pradesh, visited India TCL CSOT accompanied by the Minister of Industry and Commerce of Andhra Pradesh and other people, awarded India TCL CSOT plaque, examined India TCL CSOT mobile phone, TV panel production line and related products, and expressed admiration and appreciation for India TCL CSOT's automated production line technology and production environment.




Then YS Jagan invited India TCL CSOT to attend the inauguration ceremony of Andhra Pradesh Electronic System Digital Industry Company. Jiang Youdong, general manager of India TCL CSOT, jointly attended the traditional lighting ceremony in India and exchanged memorandums of understanding with the Andra government.



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YS Jagan, on behalf of Andhra Pradesh government, paid high attention to India TCL CSOT, He said in his speech: "As an enterprise with global influence, TCL invests in Andhra Pradesh, India, manufacturing mobile phones and TV display panels, driving the economic development and employment of Andhra Pradesh, helping Andhra Pradesh to build an outstanding electronics manufacturing center in India and the world. The Andhra Pradesh government will fully support and help the company to solve difficulties and ensure the smooth progress of the company.


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India TCL CSOT is located in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. Since the first batch of products was officially shipped in March 2022, the average daily production capacity of the mobile phone panel production line has reached 19K, and the online quality of the client has reached the advanced level in the industry. The supply, production and delivery system of TV panel production line has been established. In the future, it will continue to run through the full process production chain of TV and mobile phone modules in India, build a production and manufacturing center for mobile phones, TV, computers, cars and other products, and devote itself to building a global production and after-sales service center.



As a leading enterprise in the semiconductor display industry, TCL CSOT actively responds to the national "One Belt and One Road" initiative and goes abroad to enter India. This is an important step in TCL CSOT's globalization and a new milestone in TCL's globalization. This interaction between India TCL CSOT and the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has become a good example of Sino-Indian economic cooperation. In the global post epidemic era, TCL CSOT will continuously export high-end manufacturing capacity, strengthen China India economic cooperation, and create a Chinese funded demonstration enterprise. In the future, TCL CSOT will achieve global intelligent manufacturing and global delivery, and effectively improve the level of serving global customers and partners.