TCL CSOT's 32" UHD 240Hz R1000 e-sports screen has been mass-produced, thus building an e-sport" star "generation

Release time:Jun,20,2022 Source:TCL CSOT

In the past four or five years, the e-sports display market has shown a rapid growth trend, growing from 1.5 million in 2016 to 22 million in 2020, with an annual compound growth rate of 93%. In the face of such rapid development of the industry, suppliers at each node of the industry chain actively layout innovative products, and cutting-edge technologies and innovative products emerge in endlessly, TCL CSOT's 32" UHD 240Hz R1000 e-sports screen is one of them. This is the world's first 32 inch curved screen e-sports display product equipped with 4K 1000R curvature, which was unveiled at TCL CSOT's 2021 Global Ecological Display Conference (DTC) and CES 2022, and won the CES Best Innovation Award. This panel product has successfully achieved mass production.


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As an indispensable equipment in e-sports, a good screen is a good weapon and a good horse for every player in the "battlefield", for a better gaming experience, high brush, high definition, ultra-fast response, fine image quality, become the pursuit of many players. 2021, TCL CSOT comprehensive technology upgrade, in response to consumer demand for gaming display upgrade, launched an upgraded version of HVA gaming screen, and strengthened the partnership with strategic customers to further strengthen. The proportion of products such as ultra-small curvature, ultra-high brush and ultra-fast response has increased significantly, and the matching degree with customer projects has been enhanced. It is also relying on the strong product power that TCL CSOT has achieved a good result of leading market share of gaming screen.


TCL CSOT's e-sports display products, supported by innovative core technologies such as HVA and Mini LED, have brought players a new and amazing e-sports experience.



HVA technology



TCL CSOT's unique HVA technology has brought high contrast, high refresh and fast response to the E-sports screen. TCL CSOT adopts a unique design scheme with high-precision production control to achieve a static contrast greater than 3000:1.



TCL CSOT combines panel characteristics, adopts innovative design and circuit compensation, and successfully brings high-quality UD 240Hz E-sports display. Thanks to TCL CSOT's unique fast response material and its supporting LCD panel production line, this product has achieved a fast response of 1ms, creating a lively e-sports vision for players.



Mini LED technology



TCL CSOT has unique experience in the application of the hot Mini LED technology in recent years. With the support of TCL CSOT's self-developed Local Dimming algorithm, the dynamic contrast of TCL CSOT e-sports display products can exceed 1000000:1, presenting beautiful image quality and bringing customers an immersive game experience. High color gamut display technology is used to achieve the high color gamut specifications of sRGB 99% and DCI-P3 97%, bringing more bright colors and stronger light and shade contrast to the visual effect, and meeting the gorgeous audio-visual needs of current e-sports players who are constantly upgrading.



TCL CSOT improves the light efficiency to meet the VESA HDR 1400 specification requirements in terms of light-emitting element material selection, packaging process improvement and backlight film design. Finally, relying on TCL CSOT's unique high-quality display panel technology and low-cost Mini LED backlight technology, the use of fewer Mini LED partitions has achieved the same effect as the display of high partition products in the industry, opening up a new track for the promotion of Mini LED backlight technology, which will surely open the "E-sports Star Generation" belonging to TCL CSOT.



With the mass production of 32" UHD 240Hz R1000 E-sports screens, TCL CSOT's leading position in the field of E-sports screens will also be greatly consolidated. In the future, with its scale advantage expanding and its high-end strategy continuing to advance, its business growth engine is bound to be more diversified and powerful, bringing more extreme and amazing experiences to more consumers around the world, and letting the world see the strength of the Chinese brand" screen ".