TCL CSOT’s T9 Factory Achieved the Mass Production and Delivery of IT Products

Release time:Apr,06,2023 Source:TCL CSOT

On April 6th, the mass production and delivery ceremonies for the 8.6 generation oxide semiconductor display device production line project with an investment of RMB 35 billion by TCL CSOT (hereafter referred to as TCL CSOT Guangzhou T9 Project) was held, officially launching the mass production line. The two new products of Lenovo launched this time were both equipped with its self-developed HFS technology, which was committed to addressing the strong market demand for low-power display technology, having a milestone significance for the development of the new display industry.


Mass Production and Delivery Ceremony of IT Products of TCL CSOT Guangzhou T9 Factory

New product was equipped with HFS technology for lower energy consumption.

HFS technology refers to the edge field switching technology developed by TCL CSOT, where H comes from the first letter of Hua Xing, representing High Tr% Field Switching technology at the same time. Compared with traditional technology, HFS technology has the characteristics of high transmittance, high contrast, wide viewing angle, and high efficiency.

At present, the latest mass-produced products of the T9 Project, namely 14.0 FHD laptop and 23.8 FHD display, both have applied this HFS technology. With the HFS technology, the transmittance of penal products is further improved, and the energy consumption of product is continually reduced, while the product performance will not be lost at all.

14.0 FHD laptop


14.0 FHD is produced in the Gen 8.6 TFT LCD production line of the TCL CSOT t9 Project, with a world-leading cutting rate. The number of large plate glass cuts is nearly 120% higher than that of the G6 production line, greatly saving the production cost. T9 Project is the first 8-generation line factory with 100% NB production capacity equipped with optical alignment equipment. With the latest high-precision exposure equipment, compared with other products in the market with the same specification, the transmittance is greatly improved by 10%a,  while the contrast can be increased by 50%, which better supports the mobile products to achieve low power consumption and green and environmental protection.

In addition, the product TFT adopts an advanced dual copper process, supporting the refresh frequency of 40Hz to 120Hz. With the cooperation of the whole system, the simple derivative design of module circuit will then be able to achieve such refresh rate. On the premise of further improving the fluency of the office picture, it can support the use environment of light e-sports elements, providing more fluent and richer use experience to the end users.

23.8 FHD display 


The 23.8 FHD display has three core advantages, namely low power consumption, high picture quality and eye protection. By virtue of pixel design, high transmittance materials and optical alignment processes, the transmittance is increased by 10%, and the energy consumption standards meet ES 8.0 and ErP lot5; compared with Rubbing processes, the contrast is increased by 30%, and sRGB 99% high color gamut is realized, achieving the leading picture quality; it meets the Rheinland low blue light standard, relieving visual fatigue and meeting the needs of eye protection.

Rapid product iterative upgrade is a core competitiveness of the enterprise. Presently, TCL CSOTs t9 production line has been recognized by head customers, and will accelerate the expansion of product routes, improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, and promote the IT display to become the main driving force for growth. With the technologies in such fields as high refresh, high picture quality, low-carbon energy saving, and health and environmental protection, the mass production of main products such as FHD, QHD and UHD will be promoted.

Practice low-carbon development and focus on green production

With the continuous breakthrough of key technologies, low energy consumption products continues to enter the users vision. In addition to the two products massively produced this time, the HFS technology of TCL CSOT has been widely applied in multiple fields such as TV, display and laptop. TCL CSOT has been paying attention to the impact of display on visual health, and provides consumers with green, healthy and safe display solutions. Besides launching low blue light, Eyesafe and Eyecomfort products, it further optimizes and develops display products with high game performance and technical features such as no reflection, no stroboscope, high color accuracy and high color gamut coverage, providing consumers with excellent visual experience products.

In addition, TCL CSOT has also carried out more in-depth cooperation with TÜV Rheinland in the fields such as display performance and visual health, and established a milestone joint laboratory. At the same time, a number of display models of TCL CSOT have passed the professional certification of TÜV Rheinland. TCL CSOT will carry out in-depth cooperation with more partners in the fields such as display performance and visual health, so as to comprehensively improve the visual experience of consumers, promote the continuous progress of display technology, and contribute to the development of China's display panel technology.

In order to actively support the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality strategy of the State and the brand customers, TCL CSOT has made new upgrades in terms of the configuration, manufacturing process and product design of the T9 production line, greatly improving the panel transmission, reducing the energy consumption of products, so as to create brand new products that are green and environmental friendly. TCL CSOT has always adhered to the low-carbon strategy, which is not only the embodiment of corporate social responsibility, but also the powerful driving force for practicing carbon neutrality and building a beautiful China. TCL CSOT will continue to adhere to the green and low-carbon development strategy, focus on green production, as well as the integration of low energy consumption, environmental protection and the development of the enterprise.

Give full play to the role of pacemaker, promote the high-quality development of the industry

TCL CSOT has always focused on the field of semiconductor display, and adhered to independent innovation-driven development. As a major strategic deployment of TCL CSOT for stepping towards global leadership, T9 project is not only the most advanced oxide semiconductor display panel production line in the world, but also the first high-generation production line in China specializing in the production of high-end IT display products and high-end professional display products, which is of great significance for improving the comprehensive competitiveness of TCL CSOT in the global panel display industry.

As the pacemaker in the industry, the formal mass production of the T9 project will contribute to further improving the lack of domestic enterprises in high-end IT and high-end dedicated display markets with high potential growth. At the same time, it is conducive to accelerate the exploration of the industrialization of the next generation display technology and consolidate the global leading position of China's display panel industry. Looking into the future, TCL CSOT will continue to deepen the development of cutting-edge display technology and its application, continuously increase the investment and effort in product and technology development, and drive industrial agglomeration, transformation and upgrading with its high-quality development.