TCL CSOT’s 2.8K high-refresh-rate flagship screen helps Xiaomi’s tablet 6 series move forward with bright future

Release time:Apr,19,2023 Source:TCL CSOT

On April 18th, the Xiaomi Pad 6 series was officially released. TCL CSOT participated in the creation of the screen of this product, which is equipped with 2.8K ultra-high resolution and 309PPI ultra-high pixel density, combined with 30-144Hz adaptive refresh rate, bringing users the ultimate screen using experience.


It is worth mentioning that the higher the pixel density of the screen, the higher the product's power consumption will generally be. However, empowered by the LTPS Plus technology of TCL CSOT, Xiaomi Pad 6 could effectively solve such problem. It is reported that the LTPS Plus technology of TCL CSOT supports 30-144Hz adaptive refresh rate, which can be quickly adjusted according to the contents displayed, bringing users the ultimate smooth using experience, no matter for video entertainment or business office; on the other hand, compared with ordinary LTPS, LTPS Plus technology greatly improves the Flicker at low frequency, and there is no obvious flicker in high, middle and low brightness and high, middle and low gray scale, solving the flicker problem caused by low frequency display; at the same time, LTPS Plus technology can also significantly reduce the power consumption of product, improving the battery life of product.

In order to comprehensively improve the color display effect of the picture, so as to restore images more detailedly, TCL CSOT 2.8K flagship screen equipped on Xiaomi Pad 6 has 10bit color depth and 1.07 billion colors. When used, the screen image / video display effect will be more clearer and detailed, and the rich and detailed picture details will be just like what you can see with your own eyes. The ultra-high degree of authenticity can also reduce the visual pressure of creators, and relieve visual fatigue to a certain extent, leading a new experience of entertainment and work.

In addition, Xiaomi tablet introduces the primary color screen calibration for the first time in the Pad 6 series, to create a professional primary color. And it adapts CIE 2015 color curve to realize ecologically same-color within Xiaomi's ecology for the first time, so that different materials will display the same color, with smaller color difference when the same color is displayed on multiple screens. The supported DCI-P3 coverage reaches up to 99%. It also support hardware-level low blue light eye care, and achieve double eye care certification, fully releasing the strength of the flagship screen.

After several years of research and development iterations, China's screen is affecting the world with an attitude of rising star. TCL CSOT, which once joined in the market under the circumstance of lack of chips and screens, has completed the leap-forward development from pursuer to leader through years of dedicated research; and continues to bring domestic and foreign industrial partners and consumers the excellent screen experience through industry-leading cutting-edge display technology. In the future, TCL CSOT will contribute to the leap-forward development of domestically manufactured panel display industry from multiple dimensions such as products and technology, promote the process of screen localization in an all-round way, play the card of quality of Made in China, and let Chinas screen go aboard.