Innovative technology contributed to outdoor display, TCL CSOT launched outdoor high-brightness LCD customized solution

Release time:Apr,25,2023 Source:TCL CSOT

With the development of intelligence and digitalization, all walks of life show more diversified and personalized needs for outdoor display screen, especially requiring products to resist the infringement of wind and rain and interference by strong light with their own immunity. As a leading enterprise in display industry, TCL CSOT launched the UHD outdoor high-brightness LCD customized solution with module brightness exceeding 4000nit by virtue of strong technical strength and continuous deepening, helping to solve various pain points in the field of outdoor display, and greatly satisfying the needs of the industry and consumers.


Outdoor high-brightness technology: high brightness, high stability, long life 

In the era of intelligence, large-scale outdoor display screens can be seen everywhere in urban construction, which not only helps businesses and managers realize convenient and efficient comprehensive management, but also provide the users with more humanized and diversified services , satisfying their needs for scene information acquisition. As a result, the outdoor high-brightness technology for ensuring the display effect of large-scale outdoor screen becomes more and more important.

Outdoor high-brightness technology is a display technology applied under harsh outdoor temperature environment and sunlight exposure, which is mainly applied in new application scenarios such as outdoor business, public transportation and signage, requiring products to be with features such as high brightness, high stability and long life, which is one of the most important application direction of current display technology.

Outdoor high-brightness LCD: fearlessness by virtue of screen strength 

Compared with existing LCD TV (module 500-700nit), the outdoor high-brightness LCD products developed by TCL CSOT is optimized and innovated, which has ultra-high module brightness, can cope with the harsh outdoor temperature environment and withstand sunlight exposure, and support 24-hour operation. In addition, as the first full outdoor high-brightness product of TCL CSOT, 55 UHD high-brightness 4000nit not only meets the product demands of strategic customers, but also fills the gap in existing CID product line, contributing to the development of outdoor display technology.

Ultra-high brightness 

TCL CSOT adopts the TSS pixel design first launched in the industry to achieve a high transmission specification (55UHD Tr%=6.0%), and supports the ultra-high brightness of 4000nit, presenting better display effect in outdoor bright light; adopts high-stability components to reduce the probability of electronic transition, which is more conductive to improving strong light stability, while improving the leakage condition of the components in  the strong light & high temperature environment, so that the screen can operate in the face of strong light and other harsh conditions.

Ultra long life

In addition to high-stability components, TCL CSOT adopts high-stability GOA circuit, eliminating the risk of leakage through the new inverter design; optimizes TFT size design targetedly to improve the circuit stability of the product in high temperature environment, ensuring the long-term stable performance of display screen, so that the service life reaches up to 45000 hours, supporting the ultra-long use of 7*24hrs under full outdoor scenario for 3 years.

Ultra-wide operating temperature 

TCL CSOTs wide-temperature LCD supports -40~105℃, the wide-temperature POL can withstand the temperature of 85℃/500h, the wide-temperature Tcon supports the operating temperature of -30℃ to 80℃, so that the product can maintain stable and durable under the challenges of various harsh outdoor scenarios.

Based on this outdoor high-brightness LCD technology, TCL CSOT has developed two products with brightness up to 4000nit, namely 55FHD and 55UHD, which will be unveiled as the main exhibits at the 2023 SID exhibition, making audiences feel the digitalized and informatized future life scene.

Drive development with innovation, implement more application scenarios

In recent years, intelligent applications have gradually penetrated into people's lives, and the expressive force and diversified needs of outdoor large-scale screens are also improving. Following the cutting-edge demand, TCL CSOT constantly optimizes its own technologies on the basis of traditional outdoor display industry, providing all walks of life with more excellent outdoor display solutions, and bringing consumers more convenient and practical life experience. Looking into the future, TCL CSOT will contribute to solving various problems in the field of outdoor display through technology innovation and product innovation, make more high-tech and intelligent display products to play an important role in the outdoor, making people enjoy more comprehensive digitalized and informatized intelligent life!

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