TCL CSOT 85 inch butterfly star screen strikes, ultra-definition TCL Q10H flagship is launched

Release time:May,15,2023 Source:TCL CSOT

On May 9th, the product launch for TCLs Q10H flagship Mini LED TV was officially held, bringing the flagship Mini LED TV mostly worth buying in 2023. As a domestic TV brand leading global sales, TCL Q10H fully adopts TCL CSOT high-end A++ butterfly star screen, with excellent picture quality performance in all round, which further consolidates the leading position of TCL TV in the middle and high-end flagship market.

Nowadays, more and more people choose to enrich their video and audio life in the living room with high-end large-scale TVs, which also puts stricter requirements on the quality of TV screen. The most prominent feature of TCL Q10H is the excellent screen quality.

TCL Q10H flagship Mini LED TV adopts TCL CSOTs high-end A++ butterfly star screen, which brings 5 times contrast improvement compared with the performance of IPS hard screen in terms of shading ability and contrast; at the same time, it is equipped with a nano-level anti-interference low reverse film, which can minimize the interference of ambient light on the screen, showing the more transparent picture of Mini LED.

Moreover, TCL CSOTs high-end A++ butterfly star screen has up to 2304 backlight partitions and XDR 3000nits, and achieves an ultra-high  dynamic contrast of 30 million : 1 on this basis, so that the key dimensions of picture quality such as brightness, contrast and dynamic range are greatly improved, the displayed picture depth is more rich, the details are clearer, bringing consumers unprecedented visual experience.


Except for amazing picture quality details, TCL Q10H is also excellent in color performance. It is equipped with most cutting-edge quantum dot Pro 2023 technology, which realizes the 98% DCI -P3 cinema-level ultra-high color gamut with ΔE<0.99, so that there is almost no color difference, restoring the natural color seen by our naked eyes to the greatest extent.

During movie-watching entertainment, 4K 144Hz screen is the fundamental for users to enjoy. TCL Q10H TV realizes 4K 144Hz high refresh rate from screen, chip, algorithm and interface, while it is downward compatible with 4K 60Hz and 4K 120Hz, and upward compatible with 240Hz, ensuring that each frame is coherent and smooth, and the motion has no picture ghosting; with full speed WiFi 6, the network speed is kept stable and fast, providing the users with more comfortable visual experience.

In addition to strong enough picture quality, TCL Q10H is also full of sincerity in terms of eye care. TCL CSOT's butterfly star screen integrates multiple eye-caring technologies including 16bit ambient light sense, mixed dimming, anti-blue light, natural light and MEMC anti-shake technique, which can accurately perceive the changes of ambient brightness and adjust the brightness and color temperature of the TV picture at 65000 level, making the picture more soft and comfortable, so that the users can enjoy the visual feast while protecting the eye health.

Top-level picture quality configuration and excellent visual performance create this flagship Mini LED TV mostly worth buying in 2023 together. It is worth mentioning that at the 2023 World UHD Video (4K/8K) Industry Development Conference, the 85 inch version of TCL Q10H series participated in the exhibition, attracting a lot visitors by virtue of innovative advanced technology and refreshing visual experience.

Innovation and technology creates a better life. As a global leading enterprise in semiconductor display, TCL CSOT has actively deployed new display technologies such as Mini LED, Micro LED, QLED, flexible OLED and printed OLED in recent years, and has achieved corner overtaking in the field of high-end Mini LED technology, greatly enhancing the confidence of domestic consumers in Chinese manufacturing. The empowerment in TCL Q10H not only raises the picture quality of home screen to a new height, but also shows the strong technology and innovative strength of TCL CSOT in the field of Mini LED. Looking into the future, TCL CSOT will continue to improve the technical layout, empower more intelligent terminals and application scenarios, providing consumers with more top and smooth product experience.