Smart Upgrade of Car Display! TCL CSOT Escorts Driving with Dynamic Peep-proof Technology

Release time:Oct,27,2023 Source:TCL CSOT

In the process of driving, no matter how colorful the game and video screens on the passenger display are, what the driver sees is always black. People once imagined that when they finished driving, the passenger display can be switched to the entertainment sharing mode in seconds with only one touch, providing excellent visual experience for both the driver and the passenger. This fantasy has come into reality.

As the only mass production scheme in the application of backlight peep-proof technology, TCL CSOT dynamic peep-proof technology fills the dynamic peep-proof and one-touch switching functions of on-board display with wisdom, which not only reduces the hidden dangers of driving safety, but allows more car users to master the on-board smart screen and enjoy the future car life.

Diligent in Innovation - Leading Display Technology Empowers Driving Safety

       Routes are uncountable, and safety is essential. On-board display with anti-interference property can effectively prevent the screen information and light from distracting the drivers attention and further ensure driving safety. At present, the peep-proof film method is mainly adopted for passive peep-proof display technology, that is, adding an peep-proof film on the backlight to meet the peep-proof demands; Meanwhile, the dynamic peep-proof display technology uses liquid crystal dimming technology or backlight technology to control the display viewing angle. Compared with the single privacy mode of passive peep-proof, dynamic privacy mode can be flexibly switched between privacy mode and sharing mode, which can better meet the diverse display needs.

In terms of dynamic peep-proof technology, TCL CSOT overcame the technological difficulty of LGP light guide plate in backlight technology by virtue of its first-mover advantage and deepening innovation strength, and launched dual LGP dynamic peep-proof technology.

The principle of this technology is to place two LGP light guide plates on the backlight to control the privacy mode and sharing mode respectively, so as to realize one-touch switching between the two modes. After the privacy mode is turned on for the passenger seat, only the bottom-LGP is turned on, and the viewing angle can still be kept narrow after passing through the peep-proof film and the top-LGP without affecting the peep-proof angle, significantly improving the driving safety. After the sharing mode is turned on, the top-LGP and the bottom-LGP will be turned on at the same time, and the top-LGP will supplement the light from a large angle, so that the display information can be clearly seen by the driver, which is both humanized and convenient.

Compared with liquid crystal dimming technology, TCL CSOT dual LGP dynamic peep-proof technology scheme is equally excellent in overall thickness and weight, and it is more outstanding when applied to the whole screen peep-proof scheme of CG integrated and passenger seat combined screens.

Constantly Strive for Perfection - Different Display Modes Provide Excellent Experience

Since the two modes of peep-proof and sharing of TCL CSOT dynamic peep-proof technology are realized through independent light guide plates, which are relatively independent in control, users with different seats have perfect angle under different display modes.

In privacy mode, TCL CSOT dynamic privacy protection technology can achieve H±35°<1%, H±10°>50%, and the 45° viewing angle is only 0.42% with delicate colors and vivid pictures; In the sharing mode, the common patchwork feeling of independent individual screens is abandoned, and an integrated large screen is adopted to provide a carefree experience. It is amazing at first sight and realizes the style upgrade of the cockpit.

Take Technology as the Foundation - On-board Overall Solution Helps Smart Travel

After the total automobile production and sales ranked first in the world for 14 consecutive years, China became the worlds largest automobile exporter in the first half of 2023. The rapid growth of automobile demand and the accelerated development of new energy and intelligent cockpit have led to the increasing demand for on-board display screens and the continuous deepening of the intelligent trend.

TCL CSOT actively exerts the value of the global semiconductor display leading enterprise and continues to dedicate its strength to the field of on-board display. For example, it makes full use of the advantages of LTPS technology to develop a series of industry-first technologies, such as super-large touch and virtual touch, to bring global users with a unique overall vehicle solution and help brand car companies better lead the globalization trend. In the future, based on the worlds leading screen display technology, TCL CSOT will empower smart travel to bring a better life for the public.