Enhance Appearance and Function with HFS. TCL CSOT Provides Screen for Lenovo XiaoXin 25 Daily High Refresh Rate Monitor

Release time:Nov,02,2023 Source:TCL CSOT

100Hz daily high refresh rate! 4ms fast response! Eye protection with TUV Rheinland certified hardware!

Since the pre-sale on October 23, Lenovo XiaoXin 25 daily high refresh rate monitor has attracted many exquisite life lovers with its precise balance of performance, appearance and cost performance. As the display solution provider of Lenovo XiaoXin 25 daily high refresh rate monitor, TCL CSOT adopts a three-sided narrow-bezel HFS technology panel with 99% sRGB professional color gamut, 178 ° wide viewing angle, original low blue light eye protection and other innovative technologies to give the screen visual charm, highlighting the full-screen strength as a global technology leader again.

Three-sided Narrow Bezel + High Color Gamut HFS Technology Panel

Meet Users Expectations for Good-looking Appearance

From visual appearance to color presentation, Lenovo XiaoXin 25 daily high refresh rate monitor constantly meets users expectations for good-looking monitors.

With the minimalist narrow side panel and the light gray appearance and ultra-thin design, Lenovo XiaoXin 25 daily high refresh rate monitor shows fashion taste everywhere, which is easy to attract young users. In terms of color presentation, with the help of TCL CSOT HFS technology, Lenovo XiaoXin 25 monitor has upgraded the color gamut standard of 72%NTSC to > 99%SRGB, which supports rich color presentation and smooth transition, enabling ordinary users to enjoy the experience of color management masters.

100Hz Daily High Refresh Rate + 4ms Fast Response

Balance Daily Use and Entertainment

Lenovo XiaoXin 25 daily high refresh rate monitor has both nice appearance and multiple functions. Compared with the traditional daily screen, Lenovo XiaoXin 25 monitor has achieved a high refresh rate of 100Hz and a fast response of 4 ms, bringing a delightful image experience.

From the basic operation of window dragging/scrolling and mouse movement, to the smooth playback of system animations and the advanced test of game entertainment, Lenovo XiaoXin 25 daily high refresh rate monitor can quickly and realistically restore colors and images, meeting the diverse needs of users beyond expectations. Thanks to the screen technology advantages of low latency, no jamming and smear, game lovers can have a more delightful battle experience, and designers, photographers and other professional workers can also come up with more creativity.

HFS and Hardware Low Blue Light Technology

Safeguard the Visual Health with TÜV Rheinland Certification

It is the practice of most users to reduce blue light radiation by changing the color settings of the monitor, but it also brings problems such as the influence on the image color performance and the cumbersome operation. Lenovo XiaoXin 25 daily high refresh rate monitor has taken a unique approach by incorporating TCL CSOTs self-developed HFS and hardware low blue light technology to reduce the proportion of harmful blue light in LED backlights, fundamentally solving the problem for eye protection and avoiding the above problems.

HFS technology refers to the edge field switching technology independently developed by TCL CSOT. H stands for the initials of Huaxing, and also means High Tr% Field Switching (high transmittance fringe field technology).

HFS technology adopts negative liquid crystal and optical distribution technology and the H-HFS new pixel structure design, which has advantages over traditional technology in terms of transmittance, contrast, viewing angle and power consumption: Firstly, compared with traditional IPS technology, HFS technology has greatly improved transmittance rate and outstanding performance in energy efficiency; Secondly, the contrast ratio of HFS technology can reach 1300:1, far exceeding that of FFS technology, which brings more excellent visual impression; Then, the horizontal and vertical viewing angles of HFS technology can reach 178°with wide vision field, bringing the best visual experience from different visual angles.

At present, Lenovo XiaoXin 25 daily high refresh rate monitor equipped with TCL CSOT HFS technology has obtained TÜV Rheinland eye protection, eye comfort and Eyesafe 2.0 eye protection certification.

Continue to Empower with Leading Technology

Accelerate the Intelligent Process of the Times

With the continuous acceleration of digitalization and informatization, display products as information carriers and interactive interfaces are increasingly required to be more intelligent, advanced, and healthy.

Put a lot of efforts into technology to promote innovation-driven strategy. On the premise of deeply grasping the needs of users, TCL CSOT gave full play to the first-mover advantage of the industry, proactively laid out in advance, led the establishment of a number of joint laboratories, and successfully created 9 panel production lines and 5 module bases, covering nine application scenarios of commercial display and special display. TCL CSOT is working with its partners to continuously provide high-quality full-size, full-category, full-form products to consumers around the world, accelerating the innovation and development in the intelligent era.