Redmi Note 13 Pro + Equipped with C7 Luminescent Material Exclusively Supplied by TCL CSOT was Officially Launched

Release time:Sep,26,2023 Source:TCL CSOT

On September 21, the new products of Redmi Note 13 series mobile phones equipped with the newly upgraded second-generation 1.5K high luminous efficiency eye protection screen provided by TCL CSOT were officially launched. For this new series, Redmi is designed with a curved edge display for the first time, and the Note 13 Pro + even features the dual-edge display. In order to meet the needs of different users, Redmi also launched a straight-edge version of Note 13 Pro. With the help of TCL CSOTs latest flagship luminescent material C7, ultra-narrow bezel design and low-frequency flicker eye protection, the Note 13 series will bring users a surprise with flagship level mobile phones.

In terms of screen display, the Note 13 Pro series adopts a 6.67-inch LTPS OLED 1.5K screen with a resolution of 446PPI, bringing clear and delicate image quality. All the series are equipped with the latest flagship level C7 luminescent material of TCL CSOT, which greatly improves the luminous efficiency. The screen brightness is as high as 1200nit, and the peak brightness even reaches 1800nit, which makes the contents on the screen still clearly visible under bright light, presenting users with excellent high-definition display. In addition, Note 13 series not only improves the screen brightness, but greatly reduces the power consumption of screen display, so that the battery life is fully upgraded, bringing more energy-efficient and refined performance, and helping users to get a better experience with the full-day battery life.


In terms of screen interaction, in order to better meet the visual and operational needs of young users for watching movies and playing games, Note 13 series supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz with a touch sampling rate of 240Hz, which can not only bring a smooth screen display, but also be flexible and smooth enough for users to control the screen, fully meeting young users personalized needs under audio, video, games and other scenarios. At the same time, the ultra-narrow bezel design is adopted for the Note 13 series, which brings a higher screen ratio and a wider field of vision. It can also bring users an immersive and shocking visual experience under game or the movie scenarios, enabling them to enjoy the ultimate experience.

In addition, in view of the pain points such as visual fatigue caused by watching ordinary screens for a long time, Note 13 adopts TCL CSOT 2160Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming technology, which greatly improves the dimming frequency and minimizes the potential impact of screen stroboscopic on eyes in dark environment. Meanwhile, it also supports high-brightness DC dimming, allowing users to enjoy high-quality images with peace of mind while safeguarding their visual health at all times.

In recent years, based on the accurate insight into consumer user experience and client market demand, TCL CSOT has made full efforts in various panel display fields, demonstrating strong technological innovation capabilities and leading market influence in the global display industry. At present, TCL CSOT can provide green, healthy, low-power and high-performance advanced display solutions for industries, manufacturers and even ordinary users in terms of TV, commercial display, MNT, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or wearable device. In the future, TCL CSOT will continue to put a lot of efforts into technological innovation, continue to exert its strength at the forefront of advanced semiconductor display, empower more intelligent terminals and application scenarios, and bring higher quality and better life to hundreds of millions of users around the world.