TCL CSOT is better because everyone takes responsibility for environmental protection.

Release time:Dec,07,2022 Source:TCL华星

TCL CSOT environmental warning education activity & interactive experience activity was successfully carried out. Outside the kick-off meeting of Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions-Carbon Neutrality, TCL CSOT Environmental Warning Education & Interactive Experience Activity Area was also set up, with the theme of Better TCL CSOT for Everyone, aiming to further enhance the environmental protection attention of the company's management and the low-carbon environmental awareness of all employees. The activities are mainly carried out in the form of environmental warning education film exhibition, garbage sorting game interaction, resource recycling display, sewage purification example explanation and so on. By organizing all pollutant discharge units to carry out environmental warning education, the case should be earnestly taken as the supervision, a profound lesson be learnt, the benchmark be seriously checked, and the work of promoting reform by case be carried out. In addition, through interactive activities such as resource utilization display, sewage purification example explanation and employee garbage classification, education is entertaining, and employees are further encouraged to practice low carbon bit by bit.